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I am new to this website and have no experience in Case Interviews. I have a case interview lined up for Deloitte in a few weeks. What is the best way to start preparing? I am unable to find a partner to practice with.

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Divij fragte am 6. Okt. 2017

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Hi Divij,

A good preparation for a consulting interview will likely move through the following areas:

  1. General understanding of the process: get a general idea on what a consulting interview is about
    • Resources: Case in Point, Victor Cheng free videos, PrepLounge Resources section
  2. Learning structures and main fit questions
    • Resources: Victor Cheng Look Over My Shoulder, MBA Handbooks, PrepLounge Resources section, Expert sessions
  3. Practicing with live partners to apply knowledge and improve communication
    • Resources: PrepLounge P2P interviews, friends preparing for consulting
  4. Final review to eliminate the last mistakes
    • Resources: PrepLounge P2P interviews (experienced users), friends working in consulting, Experts sessions

During the preparation, you may want to follow the usual steps for case interviews, working on:

  1. Fit questions (eg Why do you want to work for Deloitte?)
  2. Cases (eg Our client is a commercial bank losing money, how would you increase profits?)
  3. Your questions at the end for the interviewer.

Hope this helps,


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First of all ask yourself: Can I dedicate 100% of my time (i.e. 10+ hours per day) for preparation?

If the answer is "No", please reschedule the interview. You can't imagine how many people failed just because they didn't take enough prep. There is absolutely no penalty for rescheduling.


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