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Dear all,

The new Finish government is thinking about introducting a 24 hours week for employees (4 days, 6 hours per day). I think this whole intreview preparing is already taking control over me, because I was wondering two possible cases based on that:

1. The government asks whether they should follow this model?

2. A company asks us whether they shoul implement this model or not?

First I would try to learn more about the current working model and then with the new one.

So basically, I would start with a SWOT analysis of this new working model and would assess what it will mean for all relevant players, such as the company, employees and also the state. And then in a next steps would assess the benefits and would try to quantify them and compare it with the current model.

Any thoughts on how to quantify the benefits? How would you approach this case?

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Hi! Same principle as always:

1. Define question(s) of client (you have done this)

2. Clarify underlying objective and corresponding target level

3. Define criterion to answer the client's question: objective needs to be attainable with adequate probability, capabilities for execution need to be in place, and risks need to be manageable

4. Disaggregate each elements of the citerion into its subcomponents

5. Quantify and then check whether criterion is met.

6. Answer the question based on 5.

This is how you approach essentially any strategic yes-or-no-question as a strategy consultant.

Cheers, Sidi

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First of all, forget about SWOT. The feedback will be that your structure is too academic.

Secondly, start with asking the interviewer clarifying questions:

  • What is the overall question here? (Are you hired to assess the feasibility? Or come up with the model of the transition process? Or anything else?)
  • What is the measurable objective of the change (e.g. increase in GDP?) and the timeline?
  • Who are the stakeholders of the initiative? (Government, company, etc)

Once you get the answers you can start tackling the structure


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first of all, you should ask the interviewer the objective of the government. You can then evaluate pros and cons of the implementation of this model in order to outweigh every aspect starting from the client objective and propose your recommendation (including risk and next steps).

About benefits, I would focus on increased productivity of employees, happiness, money saved about national children's assistance during parents working time (full-time kindergarten, ...), saving of utility and spaces to dedicate to these employees, attract more people to work for the government (reducing unemployment and citizen's income expenses), political reasons (win the election, give a concession to trade unions).


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McKinsey Senior EM & BCG Consultant | Interviewer at McK & BCG for 7 years | Coached 350+ candidates secure MBB offers
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