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BCG hr round of interview what to expect

Aissa fragte am 26. Aug 2018 - 5 Antworten

Hi !

About three weekes ago I applied for a role advertised on linkedin for bcg and I have now been invited to a “hr round interview” scheduled next thursday.

This seems a bit odd to me given that most od the ppl I asked seem to say that it first start with some type of case study/technical questions...

Is that odd? In your experience, what should I expectfrom this and how I prepare for a “sneaky” case study during this round?

thank you in advance for your replies :)


5 Antworten

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antwortete am 26. Aug 2018
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Hi Aissa,

in some countries it is normal to start with an HR round before the actual first round. You could get BOTH fit questions and a case, according to the country. I would clarify in advance with HR what is included in the interview in order to be prepared accordingly.


Anonym A bearbeitete ihre Antwort am 26. Aug 2018

Congratulations, Aissa.

For experienced hires, I have come across phone screen being conducted before the actual case interviews. The phone screen is conducted by a BCG employee, discussing your resume and why BCG. For linkedIn scenario, I am guessing this is some kind of phone screen by the HR.

BCG is very good in describing what the interview will be. They will probably send you the format, the type of questions, and who will be conducting it ahead of time. So, I am hoping there will be no guesswork involved in what the interview would be.

I wouldn't expect a standard case unless they explictly mentioned. That said, always good to know the basics.

All the best!


Thank you!! Yes, well I saw the position on linkedin but then applied via the “usual” online BCG platform. The mail I received from the HR person says only that they “would like to interviee me directly” and that the interview wouldn’t last more than 45 min and Finally that I can choose a time of my liking from their online calendar.... I really hope there will be in majority fit questions... thank you for taking the time to reply ! — Aissa am 26. Aug 2018

Anonym B antwortete am 27. Aug 2018

I think that if you apply to non-consulting positions, you will get those interviews though.

antwortete am 26. Aug 2018
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Is this for a general Associate/Consultant role, or are you applying for a specialised position?

The best way to gauge the typical questions asked would be to look at Glassdoor interviews for BCG, see if anyone has applied for the same role you applied for, and what questions they were asked.

Hi Alessandro, I applied to a specialised position (Delivery analyst) and unfortunately, I could not find anyone on glassdoor with the same job title. I did find other current emploees on Linkedin with this same job title but I wonder if it would be appropriate to contact them directly to ask their opinion. I held off so far but any insight would be greatly appreciated. — Aissa am 26. Aug 2018

antwortete am 26. Aug 2018
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It would help if you write what was the role.


Hi Vlad, thanks for replying already :) it’s for a role of Senior Delivery analyst.... — Aissa am 26. Aug 2018

Hi Vlad, thanks for replying already :) it’s for a role of Senior Delivery analyst.... It’s more of a product business position/directly related to a software solution that bcg is offering. Best regards, Aissa — Aissa am 26. Aug 2018 (editiert)

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