BCG called back everyone except me.. or so it feels.

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Anonym A fragte am 30. Okt 2020

Hey all,

I attend a target school in Stockholm and completed my first round interview last Friday. My friends that also interviewed all got a call back with the decision, (both yeses and nos), I have yet to hear anything from them, even when I emailed, I got nothing.. why did everyone get a call but me. I am worried because second-round interviews begin next Monday. (mind you this is for the visiting associate position).. should I have any hope?




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I imgine it can be pretty frustrating, but:

  • Does not have to mean anything: it´s not a no until they tell you
  • You need to have a meeting with the people who interviewed u + HR in order to debrief. It could be that the people who interviewed your friends had an easier agenda than yours, and the meeting didn´t happen yet.

Hence, calm, and wait for news during next week.

If then still nothing, time to follow up with HR.

Good luck!



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Anonym A am 31. Okt 2020
Thank you so much for your answer, but is that the case even if the final round starts this monday? and if anything like the first round it will span the week probably? For the previous round we were given more than a week notice. And I don't know if they'll interview next week also.. I am probably just over thinking it however
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Sorry to hear about your frustration. I empathise with you.

But here's the reality:

1. No point worrying as no news is good news. Its not a reject until you officially receive one. So go back and check with HR, don't give up on this. They owe you an answer. Don't chase every day but once per week for next 2 weeks. Call them (direct line or switch board) if you can. Can you get hold of some trusted friend/ex-colleague who can nudge HR internally?

2. You friends getting the call means nothing for you. Your mind is making you feel miserable. You have a plan for yourself, so believe in it and stick to it

3. Even if this is a reject there are so many other options. Go get them i.e start applying at other places if you havent

4. Treat everything as a learning opportunity and look at the positive in everything. This will transform your life and help you deal better with situations which don't go your way

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Since the calls are usually done by the interviewers, not by an HR person, it might have happened that the interviewer assigned to calling you got busy. Since it's a week now, I would reach out to HR and check in with them.

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Hi J,

I understand your concerns, but it is too early to get upset because you do still have a chance!

Sometimes it takes them a bit longer to inform all candidates of the results. If they don't contact you for an update in the next days, better call them. Anyway, do not lose hope yet.

Do you need any further help?


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Hi there,

Of course you should have hope! However, you should have the same hope you've always had...which is understanding there's always been a 5% chance you get the job.

Now, hope for the best and plan for the worst...

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