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Balance being precise and telling a vivid story, and a structured approach to cases

Anonym A fragte am 16. Dez 2018 - 2 Antworten

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of question regarding the interview situation.

I made into the second round at BCG and the feedback after round 1 was:

1. I should be more precise and succinct in my answers during cases and the personal fit part.

2. The cases were ok but not outstanding (I should better structure, be more leading and calculate more accurately).

Although I thought I improved in both dimensions during the last weeks, in 2 of 3 interviews with other companies (including Bain) inbetween the BCG rounds I was not successfull.

Therefore my questions:

1. Do you have any tipps on how to be more precise and succinct in answering open questions (e.g. during the personal fit part)? I am afraid of being too formal and appearing not natural enough when answering in a very structured way or taking too much time to think of a structured answer all the time.

2. How can I improve on structuring and sticking to my structure if the interviewer intervenes often? I fail to find the right time point for building the formal structure when the interviewer leads too much.

3. My interview is scheduled next week. Should I try to postpone it after the holidays or do you think I can improve on these two points enough to get the offer?

I practiced quite many cases (100+) here on prep lounge and in person. After the practice cases, the feedback was mostly positive. So I don't think that the general structure and understanding of casing is the major problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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You always want to show some structure. A simple way to do so in the fit is to use the STAR framework (Situation, Task, Action, Result) -> Perhaps not the most creative or even best, but the only one I could ever remember... and it gets the job done. The Action part is arguably the most important btw, since your interviewer mostly wants to know that YOU did.

Beyond this, I would highly recommend you rehearse with someone else, who can critique your response on the fly and have you try again and again. Any of us coaches here can do this for you, but you may also have a close friend or spouse who could play that role.

Fariha antwortete am 18. Dez 2018
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I'm in a very similar situation as you, trying to be more concise and structured in both case and fit, and balancing when to lead as well as taking the interviewer's sign to shift focus.

Do message me if you would like to do some practice on this. Thank you!

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