Are there any specific differences to be considered for Life Science Consulting? Where can I find specifically Life Science Case examples?

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Vinay, PhD fragte am 11. Jan. 2018

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Anonym antwortete am 11. Jan. 2018

Hi Vinay,

In general your preparation for Life Science Consulting should not differ from a methodological perspective. However, you should try to have a good understanding of what a life science practice of an external consulting firm (e.g. MBB) covers or what focus areas an inhouse consulting company has (e.g. Bayer Business Consulting). Ususally you can find this information online on the company websites. In addition, some high-level recommendations:

  • Try to be informed on the overall industry, its different areas, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology, distribution and consumer health.
  • See if there are current trends relevant for the industry by media research.
  • Understand on a high-level the different revenue streams (i.e. identify differences between B2B and B2C).

I hope this short reply is already helpful. Good luck for your interviews!

Best regards,


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Vinay, PhD am 11. Jan. 2018

Thank you so much!! that is really helpful!

antwortete am 23. Feb. 2018

Hey Vinay,

Besides the resources already pointed out above, you can also find some life science cases in the case books for the most well-known US universities (googling for it) - however, most of them are around pharmaceutical companies.

If you search for the case questions for LEK in Glassdor, you will also find several cases (without solutions though).



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Vinay, PhD am 24. Feb. 2018

Thank you so much!