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Application: Asked for feedback; GDPR

Anonym A fragte am 4. Jun 2019 - 2 Antworten

Hi there,

one of my applications got recently rejected already at the CV screening stage. I kindly asked for feedback on my application (as I want to understand their rationales and the shortcomings of my application) but no responses.

I was considering to file a GDPR request and ask them to provide me with all the documents, notes and records about my person so that I can see if there is a reason stated in their records (and generally to better understand the HR processes on their side).

I clearly don't want to bother the HR folks but it would be great to receive the information on this way if other ways don't work out. Obviously I would like to apply again at the same firm with the best possible odds but at the same time I don't want to become a "persona non grata" at that firm.

Does is generally make sense to file a GDPR request and ask to delete your application details? Technically it should increase your odds and also allow to re-apply sooner after an earlier application but I really have my doubts that they actually delete my data and I don't want to impair my situation at that firm.

Any thoughts?


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Vlad antwortete am 5. Jun 2019
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I am 99% sure that there is nothing documented on the rejection reasons. Thus, filling GDPR request:

  • Will not give you any relevant information. Just the general BS answer
  • Will make you known as a person creating issues for the company

Please don't do this and concentrate on better prep. There are tons of safer ways to get the feedback on your resume


Francesco antwortete am 14. Jun 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

I agree with Vlad and I would not recommend any action of this kind. It is highly unlikely you will get interesting feedback; on the other hand, you will likely be remembered as the person creating troubles – which means you will decrease your likelihood of being invited for interviews in the future.