Any advice on how to prepare for internship coming up in two weeks?

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Anonym A antwortete am 3. Jun 2018

I think Vlad is spot on here - I completed an internship last year and found that i spent 80% of my time making powerpoints.

  • Learn how to use slide masters, consistent formatting, texts, charts...just learn how to make the content look nice and consistent (and get it done fast).
  • Make you are well read before entering the firm too: Business, sport, media.
  • Have a 30-second elevator pitch of who you are- make people remember you. You will be asked by the other employees 1000 times ' who are you and where have you come to us from'- Have a passion and area of interest
  • Have all your outfits organised, i found it was very tired at the end of the day and it was nice to have my shirts etc organised and ready for the week.
  • Do your homework on who people are - Who are the ones you should (prioritise) to get to know?


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I would just take some rest and make sure that you take care of all “normal” life things you can before the internship so that they do not become a distraction during this key experience (e.g. ensure you have all your shirts pressed and starched, ensure you have enough shirts, take care of bills that are not due yet but will be due during internship, etc)

hope it helps,


Nils antwortete am 1. Jun 2018

Preparation is extremely dependent on where you are employed and what your job is. It also plays a role in which company you complete your internship. All in all, I can only advise you to have a good night's rest and to recover the last 2 weeks so that you can start the internship full of energy.

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I recommend to prep Financial Modelling and Power Point.

1) Financial modeling - the best course I know is Training The Street. Take Financial Modeling, Valuation, Maybe LBO

2) Power Point - Google for MBB presentations and try to replicate them. Search for tips and tricks in books / internet in parallel. Plus read "Say it with charts" and "Pyramid Principle"

And finally - take some rest before starting your job;)

Good Luck!