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Ex BCG | MBB Specialist | #1 Expert for meetings done (800+) and recommendation rate (100%)

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  • M&A, Pricing, Market Entry, Profitability, Operations
  • MBB referrals
  • BCG Potential Test | McKinsey PST

My approach

In the last 3 years I have helped 500+ people from 5 continents in consulting interview preparation. To my surprise, I have discovered that 80% of candidates do 2 major mistakes, right at the beginning of the case. This was consistent between people with few cases done, and people with 100+ cases under their belt who read Case in Point and Victor Cheng, and spent hundred of euros in coaching. Can you guess which they are?

Unfortunately, if you do one of these 2 mistakes, you have likely done with your consulting dream job career. Chances are, if you do not know which they are, you will do at least one of them.

That’s where I can help. I can polish your skills before the big day, correct the major mistakes that may stop you from getting the offer you deserve and check that all the basics are fine. I went through finals with McKinsey, Bain, Oliver Wyman and BCG, before choosing the latter, and I almost failed at McKinsey first round, because I just practiced on Victor Cheng and Case in Point. After 150+ cases done for practice, I understood why books are not enough. You can now learn in 1 hour what I did in many, many more, thanks to PrepLounge.

This coaching is not for everyone. It comes with a premium compared to other coaches, and for a reason: coaching with me you have 81% chance to move to the next round or land an offer; that’s statistically based on the last 36 months. That's an information you need to know before starting coaching with an expert, and I would encourage you to ask that to the alternatives you are considering, to better evaluate your investment.


My approach

When we start coaching, my goal is not simply to provide you with a good one-hour training for consulting interviews. My goal is that you succeed, whatever your specific goal in consulting is. As a consequence:

  • We won't be time-constrained by the traditional one-hour class. Our session will last untill you have satisfied all your questions and have received a complete written feedback on your performance.
  • If you have a last-minute interview (less than 3 days before we talk) I will provide you my personal number and will be available for you over the phone for last minute doubts after the session, free of charge.
  • I will be available by email for additional tips and material, until you have actually achieved your goal and joined your desired consulting firm.


What we will cover in a class

Full practice with a mock interview, either interviewee or interviewer led, according to the company you are applying for

Mistakes cleaning: the 2 major mistakes people do and how to avoid them

Detailed feedback on your performance for 3 areas (fit, case and communication) and the exact steps to avoid to repeat the mistakes again

• Review of the basics: 7 most common fit questions, 4 most common structures you will need

• Easy trick to present your structure so that it can always fit the case

Differences between interviews at McKinsey, Bain, BCG

• Bonus (if required): How to get MBB invitations, independently by your GPA or school

• Bonus (if required): How to prepare for BCG potential test or McKinsey PST test, with sample tests available for both for free

• Bonus (if required): Optimal preparation calendar according to the time you have available, for the 6 key areas of the interview: fit questions, market sizing, structuring, business acumen development, fluency in the communication and math.


Before our session

To maximize your benefit, you should have already done some preparation by yourself before the training (5-10 cases or 10-20h spent on preparation). You should also have an interview scheduled with or be willing to apply to McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger or Strategy&. I only coach people for companies I have actually applied to; this in order to ensure I will not waste your time and money with coaching I would have not experience with. We would need at least 2 days before your interview to do proper coaching. I would recommend not to book a class until the previous conditions are met, as we would not optimize your time.

If you are applying as an experienced hire, I would also kindly ask you to send me a link to your LinkedIn profile or your CV; I will have indeed to analyze it before our class to optimize the behavioural part, which will be critical for your success.


Who I am

I am an entrepreneur and former BCG consultant. After 3 degrees cum laude from Bocconi (Italy), MGIMO (Russia) and Barcelona GSE (Spain) I joined BCG in the Milan office. After BCG I joined an angel fund in Berlin, where we invested in the newly born app space. Subsequently, I left the fund, to found my own company.

During my career as a coach I have done 800+ interviews and multiple Bootcamps in some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, from HEC to Sant'Anna. I am currently the #1 expert on PrepLounge for Meetings, Recommendation rate, Awards and Upvotes.


Additional questions

Feel free to write me on PrepLounge for any additional question. You can also find below some of the reviews of the people that I helped for further reference.




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