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Tag: "Computer-based test"
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Computer-based test

    Do you have any recommendations how to practice for the analytical test for Roland Berger (apps, books...?)

    analytical test Application AskRolandBerger Computer-based test dubai Online Tests practice Preparing for Roland Berger PST Roland Berger Roland Berger Middle east Roland Berger preliminary test Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
    Recent activity on Aug 26, 2018
    The best answer (on Sep 21, 2018) is from:
    Senior Consultant
    Nadine gave the best answer on Sep 21, 2018
    Senior Consultant
    Dear user, The analytical test is part of our recruiting process for all Consulting Analyst/ Junior Consultant/ Consultant entry levels. As already said, time pressure might be an issue, so try to be fast. But I'm sure ... (read entire answer)
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    on Aug 26, 2018
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