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Slow in parsing and digesting Math word problems at case interviews - how to improve?

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A K asked on Aug 08, 2018


I am new to management consultancy and business problems, although I do have a background in Math.
I am slow in parsing/understanding Math word problems at case interviews. I think this is because:

1. Taking notes as the interviewer reads out the case, rather than having info in front of me
2. Lack of familiarity with business terminology

Are there any resources/books that I can use to practice such problems, so that I start feeling comfortable with them, and thus have my mind over matter rather than being anxious that I may have left out some info during note-taking.

Thanks a lot

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replied on Aug 08, 2018
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Something that helped my candidates - download ALL casebooks available online and go through the math problems in the cases. They will give a good sense of required business terminology. Then you can google what you don't know.

P.S. don't follow the books solutions to solving the cases since they are not that good. Just practice the math problems


Anonymous on Aug 09, 2018

Hi Vlad! Is there a possibility to download the cases for free? All I see is for premium users. Also, I’d like to practice the cases alone, but all I see are cases for solving with a Preplounge mate. I’ll be happy to hear from you !

Vlad on Aug 11, 2018

There are so many casebooks available online that you can download

Vlad on Aug 11, 2018

Also I recommend doing the cases alone only in the math part. It's almost impossible to get an offer without practicing with a partner

Vlad gave the best answer


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