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Shardul asked on Sep 19, 2018
MBA 2019 student looking for good partners for case preparation


What are some of the projects we get to work in Operations strategy. Can you give some details about it.



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Dominik replied on Sep 20, 2018

Dear Shardul,

Thanks for your question. As I am part of the Competence Center (CC) Operations at Roland Berger, I most probably can give you some more insights. Operations is one of RB's functional CCs, this means, we are supporting clients from all industries, e.g., clients from automotive, consumer goods, industrial goods, financial services and also clients from the civil/public and other sectors. Our Operations projects cover the entire value chain, starting with R&D/innovation/engineering, procurement, supply, manufacturing/production, service and also performance/excellence topics. Many times, our projects are cross-functional (e.g. engineering and procurement function together with production) due to interdependencies of the different functional department of our clients.

Within the last 2 years at Roland Berger, I had the chance to touch almost all of these topics in my projects, e.g., a procurement reorganization for consumer goods wholesaler, a supply chain & service optimization for an industrial goods manufacturer, a realignment of an R&D department, innovation scouting in the context of semiconductors, but also two projects with focus on corporate/business unit strategy for clients in the industrial goods sector.

Let me know, if you want to know more about our Operations CC ?

Best regards


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Shardul on Sep 23, 2018

Hi Dominik,