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Experienced Hires Event - What should I expect?

Anonymous A asked on Jan 29, 2019 - 4 answers


As a marketing professional, I successfully applied for the “Curious about Strategy Consulting” event designed by Bain for experienced hire.

I guess it will consist of a Company & Jobs presentation followed by a networking event. Isn't it?

What can I expect from the networking part of the event ?

I'm interested in all the insights I can get first hand from current Bain consultants but my ultimate goal is to enter the recruitment process after this event.

Do you have any advice on how to do so in a smooth way?

Thank you in advance!

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replied on Jan 29, 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

given your goal is to get an interview invitation, these events are a good opportunity to create a strong connection with current consultants for further support in the application process. To do so, you should prepare smart questions, transform the dialogues in conversations and at the end of the event ask the consultants whether you could reach out later for further questions. If they say yes you can then send a thank-you note and, so far you made a good impression, chances are you could later transform the connection into a referral at the right moment

The key things I would recommend to prepare in advance are the following:

  • Read about the firm and the consulting industry. Try to understand recent development – this will ensure you can ask deeper questions and stand out
  • Learn as much as possible about the consultants who will participate in the event, if available. In this way, you will be able to connect more easily.
  • Be prepared on company-related fit questions. You won’t be formally interviewed during these events, but you want to leave a positive impression in an informal conversation with consultants. At the bare minimum, you should
    • have a clear idea of why you want to become a consultant
    • why Bain
    • what you can bring to that company and
    • have a clear, 5-lines pitch of who you are as an introduction.
  • Prepare your own questions to ask. Relevant questions are a great way to show your interest in the company and get additional points. In the first reply at the following post you can find some more information on the ideal type of questions to ask:

In terms of what you should expect at the event – that depends on country/expertise area/number of people invited. You will probably initially go through an introduction of the firm, see examples of life as a consultant and sometimes even have an individual/group feedback session with mocks from current consultants to assess your level. The following networking part is usually an opportunity to talk with current consultants in one-to-one meetings.

Hope this helps,


replied on Jan 29, 2019
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My advice might be counterintuitive, but - please - do NOT plan on doing anything special! Networking events at MBB are formats for the respective firm to market itself. It is MUCH LESS the time for you to market yourself. In the moment that you are eligible to participate in such an event, the firm has already tagged you as an interesting candidate, and there is very limited headroom for you to wow anyone during the event.

So just be relaxed, observe, and ask yourself what are the 3 or 4 things you really want to find out about the firm and its employees. That's it. Don't try to impress at such an event. The time to impress will be the interviews!

Cheers, Sidi

replied on Jan 29, 2019
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It depends on the structure of a workshop:

  1. Option A: Consultants will show you how to solve a case or tell about the company. Here you don't need to do anything special - just try to have a couple of nice conversations after the case. Don't expect to get any benefits from that
  2. Option B: You'll be split into teams with a dedicated consultant observing you solving the case together / workshop / etc. Here your main objective is to demonstrate how good you are at solving the cases. That's the only and the best way to impress. Also be careful, since it does not mean you should not listen to others and try being an absolute leader. Be the guy with the smart ideas

Some additional tips:

  1. Have in mind interesting questions to ask. Skip the boring / negative ones are career growth or work hours. Ask the smart questions about different industries and the future of the consulting.
  2. Do a lot of networking after the event. Try to find the common ground with the consultants
  3. Write a thank you note to the consultant or even approach him later (to practice a case / ask for advice / etc)


replied on Jan 29, 2019
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the organization of the event can literally vary a lot from country to country and from office to office. Usually there are 3 main objective:

- Give you an overview of the company with some specificality about the specific geography... (e.g. stronger practices, success stories ...)

- Networking and getting to know you better

- Rapresent as direct channel for recruiting (they will probably get your information/ CV, make a first assessment and then potentially send to HR

I would suggest you to prepare with the updated version of your CV, Think about how to answer to 2 questions: Why consulting? Why a specific Firm?

Then talk with the consultants/ managers at the event. If your ultimate goal is to enter in the recruitment process, that should be the right event

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