Any idea about Deloitte case study interview? are they written cases?

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Anonymous A asked on Apr 27, 2021

are they interviwer-led? and are they similar to the one in their website?

on Apr 27, 2021
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on Apr 27, 2021
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Hey there,

for which office/location are you applying? Also Deloitte oder Deloitte Monitor? First interview?

It varies quite a bit ...some do take-home cases (which are written of course), some do short cases during a call. If its the "first round" its usually about 45 Min of which 15 min are dedicated to CV/questions and the rest to a short test, interviewer led. As its on the phone don't expect it to be too quantitative; rather high level qualitative.

Let me know if you would like to prepare for this or have any other questions.



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Anonymous on Apr 27, 2021
it will be 1 hour through Teams : joint case study and technical interview


Anonymous A on Apr 27, 2021
Mena office
Ok thanks for clarifying! Shoot me a message to discuss further!

Hi there,

It honestly depends! Deloitte is one of the most "flexible" companies I've seen when it comes to interviews. They do "standard" cases, written cases (with 1 hour to prepare), take-home written cases (24-48 hours to prepare), AND group cases.

If you can give us the actual information that HR provided you, we can better help you understand what to expect!

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Anonymous on Apr 27, 2021
this is the only information I have from HR: "Your interview will be a joint case study and technical interview. Kindly please ensure that you have access through your laptop/PC to be able to do your case response"


Hi, it depends on the practice. What is the exact team you are applying for?


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