PrepLounge Success Stories: Real Candidates Share Their Experiences and How They Secured Their Offer!

At PrepLounge, your success is our success. Our mission is to help you get your dream job in consulting and we celebrate each offer our members receive. So far, we have helped thousands of candidates on their journey into consulting by offering everything needed for the case practice. With our help, you can get connected, practice cases, and sharpen your consulting skills with the best candidates and largest community worldwide. Our experience and the experiences of our members have shown that practice does make perfect and leads to success!

We believe in our community spirit, the support and motivation that comes with it - and our members do, too. We hope that this selection of success stories will help and encourage you that you can achieve your goals, as well, with your own determination and the support of our community. Thank you to everyone who is part of PrepLounge!

Eve's Success Story

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Master’s in International and Sustainable Finance, KU Leuven, Belgium

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Taipei, Taiwan

Where have you applied and what was the outcome of your interview?

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Applied for: McKinsey

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Got an offer from: McKinsey

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Took the offer from: McKinsey

Success Story Eve

How did you prepare for your case interview?

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This is how I used PrepLounge: I subscribed to the premium version and essentially used all the services: Bootcamp articles, mental math practice tools, casing with online partners, video tutorials, and Q&A forums. The most valuable part of PrepLounge for me was the variety of casing partners; they were all from different backgrounds and levels but equally dedicated. This gave a realistic simulation of the interviewers that you might face in the real thing.

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My tip for others when preparing for the case interview: Don’t underestimate the workload! Start early, and try talking to your partners after each casing session. I can’t emphasize enough how much I learned from the people I met on PrepLounge; many generously shared prep techniques, case books, or pro tips that I never would’ve thought of myself.

Can you share the experience you made during the case interview?

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Things that did not go as planned during my case interview: Unlike a standard mock casing session, during my interviews, a case seldom finishes before time is up. My advice is a strong start with a solid framework is much more important than rushing to the end; slow and steady wins the race.

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Things that went successful during my case interview: I got the impression that interviewers understood how hard we had tried to get that interview, so they usually helped a bit when I got stuck. Their patience was greatly appreciated and often what I needed to solve a question.

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My tip for other PrepLounge Members and their case interview: Never break character! The interviewers are trained to not let slip what they think of your performance during the process, so if you’re stressing out because you think they didn’t like something you said, it’s probably unfounded fear. Just relax and try to make a connection.

More Success Stories

Some of our members prefer to keep it anonymous and their stories are equally motivating and encouraging! We are grateful to all members who share their experience and their case interview journey on PrepLounge. It helps other candidates to get a first feeling for the application process while making PrepLounge an even better platform. Every success story is unique and an important contribution to our PrepLounge community!  

"The most precious thing is that there is a huge community on this website"

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Got an offer from: McKinsey, BCG, Bain & Company

PrepLounge is a perfect website to organize your preparation for the consulting process you have. You will get a lot of information from some blog posts and access to a lot of cases with graphs and indications.
The most precious thing is that there is a huge community on this website and the unique value you have is to organize training sessions with this community. The format is an audio call divided into two slots of 45min where you can give a case to the other and then you exchange the role. What is really great is that the people on this platform are experienced and are giving great feedback to help you improve. The community is very large so you have the opportunity to arrange calls in a lot of different languages (for me practicing cases in French was really helpful).
Finally, I would recommend the premium subscription of 6 weeks which I took for the huge content you unlock from it in terms of cases and of course the number of interviews you can plan. I've trained with amazing people on PrepLounge who now got an offer in the MBB.

"I can't see a better tool to use than Preplounge"

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Got an offer from: Bain & Company, BCG

I would say that the candidate does not need to understand a lot of business concepts in depth to succeed, but understanding these concepts will enrich your speech and make you more confident about what you are saying, so I would recommend doing this, at least for the most frequent concepts in business cases. Nevertheless, since it won't give you an offer, in my opinion, the candidate needs to put the most effort into the next step, the practical business cases sessions, and at this point, I can't see a better tool to use than Preplounge. It will definitely provide you with the inner skills that the candidate needs to succeed in case interviews.

"Awesome resource and community"

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Got an offer from: Deloitte Consulting

My consulting process took a little longer than ideal (4 years), but they stuck with me throughout. The coaches are very helpful and over the years I went through around 200 practice cases with people from a huge range of backgrounds, based out of 5 continents. Definitely recommend it to anyone starting the process of pursuing consulting.

"Had success in my dream firm thanks to PrepLounge"

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Got an offer from: Strategy&

Thanks to PrepLounge I received a full-time offer at the consulting firm of my dreams! The platform provided me not only with the relevant materials but also with a wide range of competent case partners to practice with. To give my preparation further polish, I joined a coaching program. All of the coaches were really supportive and helpful. While it's not impossible to receive an offer without the coaches, they can really fine-tune your performance and save you i) time and ii) failures. Considering the opportunity cost, I found the program worth every penny and would book it again with no doubt. Thanks, PrepLounge!