CoachingPlus 3

  • 3 coachings à 60 minutes with CoachingPlus experts
  • Premium Membership (6 weeks)
  • Ideal case interview preparation
3 coachings
USD 419
5 coachings
USD 629
10 coachings
USD 1,159

Contents of this bundle:

+ USD 447 3 Expert Sessions à USD 149
+ USD 89 Premium Membership (6 weeks)
USD 536
USD 419

Contents of this bundle:

+ USD 745 5 Expert Sessions à USD 149
+ USD 89 Premium Membership (6 weeks)
USD 834
USD 629

Contents of this bundle:

+ USD 1,490 10 Expert Sessions à USD 149
+ USD 89 Premium Membership (6 weeks)
USD 1,579
USD 1,159

Is this product the right choice for you?

You love efficiency and you’re looking for a convenient way to get the most out of your case prep? Within this ideal case interview prep package, we provide you with everything you need to ace your upcoming case interview: the unlimited possibility to practice with peers and three coachings with former management consultants that will drill you to unfold your entire potential. Maximize your chances of landing your dream management consulting job by joining CoachingPlus!

With CoachingPlus to Your Dream Job Offer

Self study

Get full access to the entire Case Library, Tutorials and Quizzes on PrepLounge.


Peer2peer practice and coachings with top consultants will improve your case performance.

Land your offer

Be best prepared for your interview day and maximize your chances of getting an offer.

Our recipe for success:

  • Individual interview coachings
  • Peer2Peer practice
  • Full access to our Case Library
  • Video tutorials
  • Interactive Quizzes

CoachingPlus is the ideal package for your case interview preparation

CoachingPlus gives you access to the most essential parts of PrepLounge and provides you with everything you need to be best prepared for your upcoming consulting case interviews. With the combination of self-study material, peer2peer practice and case interview coaching sessions, you will maximize your chances of receiving a job offer from your target firm.

Benefit from personalized coachings conducted by former consultants

Select your favorite experts from a list of CoachingPlus coaches who have many years of experience at top consulting firms. They know exactly what interviewers want, can identify your weaknesses, help you overcome them and turn you into the perfect candidate. With their helpful feedback, they will drill you to unfold your full potential.

Practice with other peers and share your interview experience

Practicing with peers between your coaching sessions helps you put your expert’s feedback into practice. The only way to improve your way of structure and communication in a case interview is to practice, get feedback, improve and repeat. We recommend you solve about 30 full cases with an experienced case partner besides your coaching sessions.

Solve 140+ cases on your own or with a case partner

CoachingPlus includes a 6-week Premium Membership with access to the most essential PrepLounge resources. Our selection of case studies mirrors the wide variety in real case interviews and include cases from top firms like Bain & Company, Oliver Wyman and Roland Berger. Invite other candidates for a meeting to crack the case interactively or solve it on your own!

Watch all PrepLounge tutorials on case cracking and frameworks

As a Premium Member you get access to all video case solutions and PrepLounge tutorials on case cracking, frameworks and Powerpoint. Leveraging this material will allow you to avoid common mistakes and help you during the first steps of your case interview preparation as well as for deepening your case solving skills.

Test your skills with our online quizzes for your case prep

With our interactive Quizzes, you can challenge yourself and your knowledge on case cracking concepts, math practice, logical reasoning and graph & chart reading. This helps you evaluate your level and practice further the areas you still have room for improvement.

Any open questions left? Check out our FAQ

  • I want to start CoachingPlus. What are the next steps?

    Once you have purchased the CoachingPlus package, you will immediately have access to all Premium resources and receive coaching credits based on the number of coachings you have selected. You can directly use these credits in your coaching cockpit to schedule your sessions with your CoachingPlus coaches.

  • Is the coaching package fee tax-deductible?

    The CoachingPlus package is fully tax-deductible in several countries (e.g., US, Germany). We suggest that you contact a tax advisor before purchasing the package if you are not sure whether it is tax-deductible in your country.

  • How long will my preparation with CoachingPlus ideally take?

    To get the most out of our CoachingPlus package, we suggest that you start no later than 2 weeks before your first scheduled interview.

  • Which experts can I book my coaching sessions with?

    Please note that you cannot book your CoachingPlus sessions with any PrepLounge expert of your choice. You can choose between our CoachingPlus experts. You can find a list in the section above or when you filter by "CoachingPlus experts" on our list of coaches.

  • How many different coaches should I work with?

    The selection of coaches depends on your personal needs and your target companies. In general, we recommend you have at least two different coaches so that you get to know different interview styles. Remember that you will also face many different interviewers in your real case interviews.