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Are you looking to effectively prepare for the Roland Berger recruiting process
=> You have come to the right address!

I have worked at RB for over 7 years, in various offices on 2 different continents, in both consulting and recruiting, with a personal journey from entry level consultant to project management. I'm deeply familiar with the company culture and the recruiting process to give you an edge in your preparation.


Are you looking to prepare for the recruiting process of other management consulting firms? 
=> You have still come to the right address!

The Tier 1 and 2 consulting firms are all basically looking for candidates with similar profiles and qualities and are essentially competing for the same pool of applicants. While certain details may differ in the specific recruiting process from one consulting firm to the next, the general skill of solving case studies or convincing in a personal fit interview are universally applicable. My coaching approach will provide you with the tools and strategies to be successful at any recruiting process.


My general approach to coaching:


  1. You as the center of attention!
    It is not my philosophy to just apply a cookie-cutter standard approach for each person. I rather see my role in supporting you with your application process, in your interview preparation and career planning as best as possible and to provide you with coaching in the areas most helpful to you. We will have an upfront discussion to align on where you currently stand and determine where it makes the most sense to predominantly focus on. Based on that, any coaching session will be tailored to you.
  2. Goal-oriented format!
    I offer training sessions for representative practice interviews like they await you on your recruiting day. We can leverage a vast array of cases and can also include a simulation of the personal fit interview components. That way you will be prepared to securely navigate the consulting interview format during your application process. This is possible in both English and German.
  3. Realistic and actionable feedback!
    I have worked as a consultant and project manager in the US and Germany and participated in the internal recruiting activities for many years. During this time, I attended many recruiting events and led a multitude of candidate interviews for different roles across different interview formats. I was able to let many candidates pass but was forced to reject the overall majority of applicants. I will use my experience in what differentiates a good candidate from the remainder of the pack to provide you with constructive and tangible feedback to help make your application a success story.
  4. Beyond the application process!
    The application process is only the first step in a management consulting career of course. As an experienced mentor to new consultants (e.g. recent graduates, lateral hires or interns), I will be happy to also give you tips on how to settle in to the consulting environment during the first months, address key success factors for getting through the probation period and provide perspectives on how to proactively shape your consulting path.

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