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BCG 1st & Final Round interviewer | Personalized prep with >95% success rate | 7yrs coaching | #1 for Experienced Hires
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BCG 1st & Final Round interviewer | Personalized prep with >95% success rate | 7yrs coaching | #1 for Experienced Hires
Personal fit & BCG real life
Global MBB recruiting
Case Preparation
USD 289 / h
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During my 7 years with BCG, where I worked on 4 different continents as a Consultant and Project Leader (Top 8% performer firmwide), I have been part of the firms recruiting team and interviewed more than 200 candidates. 

Beyond, I am a passionate case coach and mentor who has successfully placed 95+ candidates with MBB (in- and outside of Preplounge) and many more with other leading consulting firms (incl. Kearney, Oliver Wyman, Strategy&, LEK, Roland Berger & Deloitte to name a few) in different regions (mostly Central Europe, SEA, US, Australia and Middle East). Feel free to message me for reference contacts.

As a seasoned recruiter, who has been in your shoes a few years back, I know exactly what MBB and other leading consulting firms look for and what it takes to master the rigorous recruiting process, step-by-step.



There are various reasons why I am quite confident that I am an ideal coach for YOU:

  • First-hand experience: Until earlier this year, I have interviewed more than 200 candidates for BCG across First and Final Rounds and successfully coached dozens of candidates across seniority levels on how to break into consulting in my capacity as a case coach. Moreover, I interviewed with 8 consulting companies globally myself (including all MBB) and achieved a 100% offer rate. In short, I know exactly what MBB and other companies are looking for and what it takes to get in.
  • Excellent success rate: As a matter of fact, pretty much every candidate who works with me ends up with a consulting offer. Full stop. I have a placement success rate (= min 1 offer from a global Tier 1 or 2 consulting firm) beyond 95% with candidates who spent at least 3 sessions with me, 100% for candidates who did 6+ coaching sessions. Over the years, I have placed >95 candidates with MBB firms and more than 150 across tiers globally. There are probably few people who have deeper insight into what it takes to land the job offer of your dreams, and all of that across different geographies. Please do reach out if you would like to check personally with some of my references.
  • 100% personalized approach: Our coaching sessions will be fully tailored to your needs - forget about generic casing that many coaches seem to offer. With me, you will spend some time before the first session together, to better understand your objectives, background, application status, and your as-is performance (key development areas and also strengths). We will agree on the structure and approach of the coaching sessions before we start to ensure they are fully tailored to your needs and our time together is 100% well spent at all times.
  • Targeted and detailed feedback: When we start to work together (Session 1) we will conduct a very detailed, initial baseline diagnostic that shows you exactly where your strengths and development areas are - all along the exact dimensions MBB firms actually use to assess candidate performance. After that, in each session, you will receive detailed, actionable feedback (minimum 15min) to help you gradually reach the expected standard across dimensions. I will be able to spot and work on critical nuances & details to your case performance that few other (if any) coaches will be able to see. Furthermore, based on your individual development areas, I will give you practical exercises, tips and shortcuts to ensure you can fine-tune your skills in self-study and peer-to-peer cases so we can get you to a level where a “bad day” is more than sufficient to pass.
  • Real life case experience: We will work with cases used in real-life MBB interviews, which are all based on actual project experience. Forget about fabricated MBA case book problems and generic standard frameworks - we will focus on what really matters.
  • International network: Based on my global track record in consulting - I have done projects on 4 continents and was based in different offices (Vienna, Melbourne, Dubai SEA) and completed a global Top Tier MBA (INSEAD) - I am very well connected with MBB, Kearney and pretty much all of the top consulting firms around the world. I am always willing to leverage my network to help my top mentees through the CV screening and provide them with real-life insights on what it is like to work at their office. Frankly speaking, a game changer for any candidate who takes the process seriously.



Having interviewed 200+ real candidates for BCG and mentored 80+ candidates to MBB offers, I have fine-tuned my approach which will help maximize your chances to get a job offer from the 3 MBB firms and other leading players. Whether you're just getting started, have some case experience or already perform on expert level, my approach will help you identify and improve your weaknesses up to required standard of excellence and solidify your strengths so they can truly stand out. As a former global top 8% performer in BCG & experienced interviewer, I should hopefully know exactly what it takes to be successful in the recruiting process and beyond.


Think and act like a real consultant

During our sessions, we will learn how to think and act like a consultant. Cracking case interviews is about a clear, structured and replicable process much rather than about memorizing frameworks (that was 10 years ago..). In our session(s), we will focus on how you can tailor your case approach to ANY specific problem at hand and act like a top-performing entry level consultant. 


Nail all cases with a minimum number of frameworks

In the sessions we will learn how to apply a 100% flexible and tailored approach that allows you to successfully tackle any type of case studies by practicing the following:

  • Profitability problems (incl. revenue growth, operational / cost excellence, turnaround cases)
  • Sizing questions (for all types of for supply-side and demand-sided questions)
  • Different business situations (e.g. product launch, market entry, competitive response, M&A, digital transformation, pricing etc)

The approach we use will allow you to tackle any of the above, without having to excessively memorize standard frameworks for each case type (absolute no-go nowadays - flexibility and tailoring are key!). We will cover the fundamentals of problem structuring, based on the first principles approach to problem solving.

If you are an advanced candidate, I will be more than happy to assess how you solve these types of cases and improve your thinking aligned with my recommended approach.


Show that you are a good fit to the company's culture

Many people neglect how important fit interviews are but first impressions are critical in a consulting interview. Conveying a mature and “consultant-ready” attitude and good personality fit with your firm of choice is a MUST HAVE for successful MBB candidates. 

In our sessions, I will give you the top tips on key questions you should be able to answer perfectly to convey that you have what it takes. To maximize your chances, I will make sure you get insights specific to the office you are applying to. For this, I will connect you to my global network.  



If you decide to work with me, I will provide you with the following:

  • 100% personalized sessions, tailored to your specific needs and experience level
  • Very detailed, structured feedback as well as actionable next steps on how you can perfect your case performance, along the key dimensions MBB evaluators use to measure interview performance - hands down the most detailed and nuanced case feedback you will ever receive.
  • Full, real-life case studies – I will select industry/topic/difficulty, completely based on your needs
  • Tailored market sizing questions (which you can practice offline or with your case partners) that allow you to tackle EVERY back-of-the-envelope.
  • Access to my network - I will connect you with colleagues from your target company and office, if desired
  • Dedicated session(s) to help you master the personal fit part
  • 24/7 Q&A access - ask me anything you like, anytime you like
  • Speed dial - personal phone contact to ask ad hoc questions (FREE, if you book at least 2 sessions)

I'd be excited to be part of your journey and will use my full experience, resources and network to make sure we maximize your chances to get the offer you deserve! 




Feb 07, 2024
by Anonymous
Interview Coaching
Andreas provides tailored & detailed feedback and helps you tackle your weaknesses effectively. He helped me to secure a FT offer.
Oct 04, 2023
by Anonymous
Coaching from Premium + Coaching
Aug 18, 2023
by Vartan
Coaching from Premium + Coaching
Excellent by all means. Andi went above and beyond to understand which points need to be worked on the most, what the industry values and focuses on, as well as dealbreakers that need to be mastere...
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