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Consulting Resume: Free CV Templates & Tips for a Successful Application

6 Tips for Your Ideal Consulting Resume

If you want to become a consultant for one of the top firms like McKinsey, Bain or BCG, you first have to leave an impression by turning in a perfect application. That means, your resume has to be utterly in tune with the rest of your application, while meeting the requirements of a consultant resume.

You are looking for suggestions, examples or feedback on your resume, or you want find a template that perfectly fits your needs? We spoke to consulting experts, recruiters and consultants from top firms in order to provide customizable resume templates, based on what they told us.

1. Focus and priority 

"Less is more", this also applies to your CV. Be precise and keep it short. Applicants certainly do not want to leave the impression with their potential future employer that they are not capable of focusing on crucial aspects. Try to aim for one or two pages of content when it comes to your resume. Rarely are there exceptions to this rule of thumb.

2. Show off your grades 

Recruiters are not going to check up on your grades before the interview — they're simply not going to have time for that. Worst case, they might think you didn't want to share your grades for a reason. Hence, for every academic accomplishment or degree, include a grade in your CV.

3. Picture and date of birth 

These are certainly not mandatory to include, but you should think about putting them in there. It's certainly going to help the recruiter to remember your face and make a connection when they meet you in person.

4. Structure your data 

There's no skill as crucial for a consultant as being good at structuring your work process. So why not display it in your resume? Give your CV a clear structure by implementing sections like "Academics", "Working Experience" or "Extracurricular Activities". In some cases, you might want to include "Personal Details", "Languages" and "Interests". Your options are limitless, as long as they serve a reasonable purpose. You can find additional suggestions in our samples of consulting resumes.

5. Prove your skills 

If you put "structured thinking" or "creativity and flexibility" in your resume, you better make sure the recruiter can tell you're not simply saying that. Refer to actual achievements, rather than just lists of abstract character traits. Did you have to prove your skills in an actual working environment yet? It is much more impressive to the recruiter if you can give a sample of an accomplishment, rather than just alleged skills.

6. Perfect formatting 

Your application should be thoroughly well formatted in terms of clear structure, correct grammar — and please — no typos. The devil is in the details, so don't forget to double check everything before you turn your cover letter in. Nobody ever got invited to a case interview only because of good form, but mistakes can leave a negative impression with the recruiter and therefore slim your chances of becoming a consultant. You should aim for a visually casual, yet appealing resume template.

Choose your favourite CV template to spruce up your consulting application right now. Download it as a word document for free and simply fill in your data.