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Anonymous A asked on Sep 26, 2023

I am a 2nd year Medical Student at UCL looking to undertake an internship this summer. I have been focusing on writing a strong consulting CV from someone with a science based background and was looking for some advice. 

Should I include my percentages at A-Level? I achieved 3 A*s but 92% in maths which may stand out to them on a quant side but may seem pushy. Similarly with the UCAT stating 95th percentile in QR section and 92nd overall are these things you HAVE to do and does it not come across the wrong way? 

My only consulting related work experience was running my own business which has done well over 2 years - does it look bad if I have only one role with lots of the problem solving, leadership etc? My only other work is housekeeping and working in retail which is totally not relevant or is it OK as it is expected at age 19 to not have a lot of experience?

I led some research that was presented at an international conference but it was only an abstract should I title this section Research and Presentations rather than Publications and Research? 

I play 1st XI Hockey at university and national finalists at school - include this in my education section as part of Uni/school or under extra-curricular. Currently have extra-curricular renamed as volunteering as I organised some MissingMaps sessions and mentored med students - keeping at volunteering helpful? Do they care much for extracurricular? 

Main one is if there is any difference in applying now (early) or closer to January before deadline and trying to get some pro-bono consulting experience at uni. Would this delay and added experience help? Does when you submit matter? Should I already be doing case interview prep before I submit just incase and similarly for PSG? 

Is Tableau/Alteryx worth doing a basic course just to add in skills section of CV?

Also planning to reach out via LinkedIn to other ex-doctors who have made the switch is a referral from partner most important or would a base level consultant be OK?

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replied on Sep 27, 2023
Ex-McKinsey Associate Partner | +15 years in consulting | +200 McKinsey 1st & 2nd round interviews

Hi there,

As my colleagues said, so much thoughts and little structure (first thing to practice ;))

To add my 2 cents to your main questions:

  • When considering your A-Level percentages, it's essential to understand how they stand in comparison to other applicants. If they're on the higher end, it might be worth including. If you decide to incorporate your UCAT scores, it might be beneficial to provide context. This can show how these scores position you amongst other test-takers.
  • For your single consulting-related experience, emphasizing transferable skills from other roles can also be a valuable strategy. This can demonstrate a broader set of skills and experiences.
  • In terms of your research, focusing on its relevance or impact can add weight. For instance, did it lead to any notable advancements or insights in the field?
  • Considering the timing of your application, understanding the peak hiring seasons or cycles of specific firms might guide your decision.
  • When you're doing your case interview preparations, consider utilizing resources like coaching sessions or mock interviews to simulate real interview conditions and get constructive feedback. This can significantly boost your confidence and preparation level.

Good luck!


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replied on Sep 26, 2023
University of St.Gallen graduate | Learn to think like a Consultant | Personalized prep | CV review

It's great to see your enthusiasm for pursuing a consulting internship despite having a science-based background. Let's address your questions and provide some guidance on crafting a strong consulting CV:

1. Including Academic Achievements:

  • You can include your A-Level achievements, especially if they are strong and relevant to the consulting role. However, you don't need to list the specific percentages for each subject unless the application explicitly asks for them. A simple mention of achieving 3 A*s in your CV summary or education section should suffice.

2. UCAT Scores:

  • Including UCAT scores, especially the quant section, can highlight your quantitative abilities, which can be beneficial in consulting. However, this is optional, and you should only include it if you believe it strengthens your application.

3. Consulting Experience:

  • Running your own successful business is a significant accomplishment and can demonstrate your entrepreneurial skills, problem-solving abilities, and leadership. It's perfectly acceptable to have one prominent role on your CV, especially if it showcases relevant skills.

4. Research and Presentations:

  • You can title the section "Research and Presentations" to include your abstract presented at the international conference. While it's not a publication, it's still a valuable achievement that showcases your research and presentation skills.

5. Extracurricular Activities:

  • Organizing MissingMaps sessions, mentoring med students, and playing 1st XI Hockey demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and commitment. You can keep these under an "Extracurricular Activities" or "Volunteering" section, depending on how you want to organize your CV. Consulting firms often appreciate well-rounded candidates with diverse experiences.

6. Timing of Application:

  • Applying early can demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to securing a consulting internship. However, applying closer to the deadline can also be effective. The key is to ensure that your application materials, including your CV and cover letter, are polished and well-prepared. It can be beneficial to gain some pro-bono consulting experience at university if it enhances your qualifications.

7. Case Interview Prep:

  • It's a good idea to start case interview preparation early. Familiarizing yourself with case interview frameworks, practicing with peers, and solving cases can help you feel more confident when it's time for interviews. Similarly, preparing for the personal experience interview (PEI) is crucial, as it often involves discussing your past experiences and skills.

8. Tableau/Alteryx:

  • Including Tableau and Alteryx in your skills section can be valuable, especially if you have experience with data analytics and visualization. Basic courses in these tools can be beneficial, as they are commonly used in consulting for data analysis and visualization.

9. Networking and Referrals:

  • Reaching out to ex-doctors who have transitioned into consulting is a great idea. While a referral from a partner can carry more weight, a referral from a base-level consultant can still be valuable. The key is to establish meaningful connections and demonstrate your genuine interest in consulting.

Remember to tailor your CV and cover letter to each consulting firm you apply to, highlighting the skills and experiences most relevant to their specific requirements. Good luck with your consulting internship applications!

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replied on Sep 27, 2023
Ex-BCG Principal | 8+ years consulting experience in SEA | BCG top interviewer & top performer


You have alot of good questions that need to be answered, although I'm not sure this Q&A is the best format to get them answered robustly. 

There are plenty of resources out there already that talk about what makes a strong application. If I were you, I'd do the following

  • Research and read information on what makes a strong application
  • Apply some critical thinking and judgment on the information you received and also on your own background and craft a draft resume
  • Send this resume for feedback
    • Most important is that you get quality feedback - and it can come from a coach or a friend who is a consultant or from your schools career services 


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updated an answer on Oct 06, 2023
MBB & Tier2 preparation | 80+ offers | 6+ years coaching | 1000+ sessions | 1st session - 50% off | PDF reviews attached


Respectfully, you are asking a bit too much here.
Many coaches provide CV preparation / review services (not myself).

We all need to respect each others' time and effort.

Good luck with your transition,


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replied on Sep 27, 2023
#1 McKinsey Coach by rating & recommendation rate

Hi there!

You have lots of useful questions here. Which is good, because it means you're looking at the right things. 

If you don't have the means to get a coach to support you through this, as I see some have already mentioned, consider using networking calls to help you think through these problems (though not all at the same time). Basically, get the perspective of current consultants on these problems. That should already help you significantly. 

Sharing with you two guides that will help in terms of generating these contacts and how to conduct the conversations with them:



Practicing for interviews? Check out my latest case based on a first-round MBB interview >>> SoyTechnologies  

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replied on Sep 27, 2023
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Hi there,

I agree with Nikita - this is a huge blob of text and is not only a lot to read/process, but there is so much nuance with many of your questions.

Feel free to hire a coach to help you with this pivot - there's so much to learn out there and it's as much about getting answers to what you know you don't know as it is about having a coach help you realize all the things you don't know you know.

Here, you're asking for an entire resume review/creation, networking plan, and application plan. Happy to cover all of these topics - we could actually get through everything in just 1 session! (I work super efficiently and provide a ton of supporting material before + after each session directly related to what we would work on)

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Ex-McKinsey Associate Partner | +15 years in consulting | +200 McKinsey 1st & 2nd round interviews
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