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MBB Case – Consulting a Government
New answer on Nov 27, 2021
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Michael asked on Nov 24, 2021

Thank you for the case. its a really good one and demands the student to think beyond the traditional framework. 

I just wanted to ask around the recommendation to use the PESTLE framework to analyse the problem. I would think the following are not relevant to the analysis:

- Technological 

- Legal (not sure if this would be captured more under Political as legal aspects that people would protest about would be more related to aspects to do with governance)

Also is it okay to openly use a standardised framework to solve the challenge? Do you get more marks for having something more customized?

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replied on Nov 24, 2021
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Hello Michael, 

Fully agree, that would be a very good approach! 

Try to think not about leveraging frameworks (coz none of the works by fitting 100% to a case), but seeing which pieces of many frameworks that you can see can be applied here. 

Furthermore, you can reach out to Julia and do some casing with her, as the author, I am sure she would have done this case many times and have insightful tips

Hope it helps!



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replied on Nov 24, 2021
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Hi Michael,

You're thinking about this in exactly the right way! 

You'll note that the case writer says “Potential framework to use”.

There are normally multiple frameworks that can be used for a given case and rarely is the “answer” in the case the best one!

You are right in your statement “the following are not relevant to the analysis”. Always make sure your framework is relevant. As such, why not use PESE? :)

An alternative framework option here that I like is Social, Political, Economics.

Finally, try to avoid “standardized” frameworks. Even when using standardized, make sure to tailor them and always flag the “why” and the “how” of the buckets. 

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replied on Nov 27, 2021
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You are completely right. The point of the question is that you should approach it in a structured way. 

Now, being structured is not the same as using a pre-made framework. You should NEVER use pre-made frameworks.

At least, not without customizing them from the problem at hand. 

Which means that the suggestion of considering a PESTEL framework is not wrong, but it assumes you will customize it in order to address the specific problem (adding or removing stuff from the original framework). 

Let me word it even better, because it is not about customizing a existing framework. It is about using mental maps you have (such as a pre-made framework) as inspiration for a customized structure you make on your own.

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