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New on PrepLounge: McKinsey Imbellus Game Secrets

Imbellus McKinsey Imbellus McKinsey problem solving game
Edited on Aug 14, 2020
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asked on Aug 04, 2020
PrepLounge Head of Product & Marketing

Dear community,

We hope that you are enjoying your time on PrepLounge. Today, we have great news for you: After coaching hundreds of McKinsey candidates, Francesco is ready to tell you all the secrets no one ever revealed on the Imbellus Test!

McKinsey Imbellus Game Secrets

McKinsey Imbellus Game Guide

This is the perfect product for you if you are looking for a guide that:

  • Explains step-by-step how to crack all the Game Scenarios (and not just the popular ones)
  • Answers all your questions and breaks down all the myths and misconceptions on the Test
  • Shows you the simple path to master the 5 real skills tested in the Game and move to the next round

And the best part is: For a limited time only, you will receive a free bonus with your guide purchase – The Consulting Industry Cheat Sheet (worth 29$).

Master the skills to hack the Imbellus game and land an offer from McKinsey!

All the best for the rest of your case prep,


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EDIT: The 6th Edition is out. You can download it instantly here:


Thanks Astrid!

Excited to see the Imbellus Guide live on PrepLounge!

It is a 73 98-page guide in its 5th edition, explaining all the details of the game scenarios and the exact strategies to prepare for each of them and master the 5 skills tested in the game.

I am happy to provide 3x codes for a 50% discount today only (August 4, CEST time), first come first served ;)

The 50% codes are gone! I still have 3x codes for 25% discount available for today only (August 5, CEST time). Hurry up before they are gone as well!

Last day of promotion! I have 3x codes for 10% discount available today only (August 6, CEST time). PM me for more info!

Plus at the moment the Guide still includes for free the Consulting Industry Cheatsheet (worth $29).

Please PM me for any questions.




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Miguel on Sep 10, 2020

Hi Francesco, I am interested in this guide.

Francesco on Sep 10, 2020

Hi Miguel, thanks for your interest ;) You can download the guide instantly here: If you have any questions please feel free to PM me. Best

Carolina on Sep 17, 2020

Hello Francesco, I have to do the assessment this week, I would like to understand better what comes after the creation of the aquatic ecosystem, that is.. there are 2 parts, right? What exactly come in the 2nd part and how is it done?, regards!

Carolina on Sep 17, 2020

And my last question would be, do you know exactly where I can see which are the 40 species of the aquatic ecosystem?

Francesco on Sep 18, 2020

Hi Carolina, please feel free to PM me, I am happy to answer via chat. Best