McKinsey Phone Assessment: Any tips?

Ana Flavia asked on Nov 09, 2017 - 2 answers

Hi guys,

I am invited for a phone interview with McKinsey. Does anybody have any experience with this phone interview? Kind regards, Ana

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Anonymous replied on Nov 09, 2017


First question would be to ask whether this is a "phone screening" or a "phone interview."

Phone Screen:

-Practice your quick 2-minute resume/background elevator speech while pointing out highlights specific to the exact position you applied for (strategy, implentation, operations emphasis and similarities)

- Establish rapport and demonstrate positive professional but (airport test) enjoyable personality. Be yourself!

-Prepare for potential or possible fit questions. Mckinsey's fit criteria is clearly displayed on their website

Phone Interview:

-If a case interview, prepare for a 30 min interviewer-led case interview in which there are a number of different resources on this site for that

-If a technical interview, prepare to answer in heavy detail about experiences on your resume using either a STAR, PARADE, or CAR technique

Good luck!

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replied on Nov 30, 2017
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Hi Ana Flavia,

phone interviews are a bit different compared to face-to-face ones on the communication side. Good internet connection, being properly dressed and a quite environment are definitely required; below you can find some further tips:

# 1. Put all the material that may be interesting for you to look during the interview (structures, tips for fit part, etc) attached to the wall in front of you – in this way you do not have to look for information on the go

# 2. Go the extra mile in the case when presenting what you think. This is important in face-to-face interview, but even more in phone interviews where the interviewer cannot see you or your notes. In short, this implies:

  1. Explain clearly upfront why you need some information. Eg don’t say “do we have information on price?”. Rather “In order to understand where the problem is on revenues, I would need to analyse price and volume for this segment. Do we have any information on how price and volume changed in the last year?”
  2. Present with numbers in a structured way each area you want to introduce. I would suggest to do that in two steps:
  • STEP 1: mention first the macro areas of your framework. “In order to help our client, I would like to focus on three main areas. Number 1 we may work on [FIRST TOPIC], Number 2 on [SECOND TOPIC], Number 3 on [THIRD TOPIC]. If this is fine for you, let me go deeper in each of them”
  • STEP 2: provide details for each macro point. “In area Number 1, this is what I would analyse. First, I would like to cover [FIRST STEP OF FIRST TOPIC]; second, I would like to focus on [SECOND STEP OF FIRST TOPIC]; next, I would like to work on [THIRD STEP OF FIRST TOPIC]. In area Number 2, this is what I would analyse. First,(…)”

# 3. Smile – although you are over the phone, it is shown that smiles are perceived by people also in this way, and show positive attitude

Fit part and cases are similar to the standard ones. For the case, it may be slightly easier to get a market sizing, as this is simpler to deliver and follow over the phone.



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