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Anonymous A asked on Feb 10, 2024

Hi! Does anyone have any tips?

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replied on Feb 10, 2024
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Hi there,

Luckily I keep track of questions across firms. Here was one of the questions asked:

Production site selection for a eco-friendly shampoo company based in Australia - want to expand and sell in the US. They are currently debating on their production site between Mexico and the US. We've brought in to help them decide where to setup their production site.

Here's some additional reading to help:

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replied on Feb 14, 2024
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Hi there,

Q: LEK first round interview. Does anyone have any tips?

The preparation for LEK is not very different from the one for other firms. As general prep, I would recommend the following:

  1. Define a calendar for your preparation. Identify how many hours you have before your interview and allocate a time slot for preparation in your calendar for each day, working on the points below. Many candidates need 100+ hours to be ready before the interview starting from zero so you can keep that as a benchmark.
  2. Start reading good MBA Consulting Handbooks – you can find several for free online (INSEAD is a good one to start). Read the cases and try to apply your structure to solve them. Whenever you see there is something missing, upgrade your structure with the new insights. Try to read a new case per day – in this way you will absorb better the information with constant learning.
  3. After the first 5-10 cases in books/handbooks and basic theory, start to practice live. PrepLounge can be helpful to connect with other candidates for that. There is a relevant part of the interview score that is based on your communication, which you cannot practice at all if you read cases only.
  4. Keep track of your mistakes and see which ones you are repeating. If so, try to identify the source of the mistake (feedback from experienced partners would be particularly useful for this). Be sure to focus on both the behavioral part and the case part during the mocks. The case part should also cover market sizing, math and graph analysis.
  5. Before the interviews, be sure to prepare your questions for the interviewer  – a great way to show you prepared in advance and to connect with the interviewer for a good final impression. Ideally, try to get information on who they are and study their profile to have good questions to ask.

Good luck!


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replied on Feb 12, 2024
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Just tell me exactly what you're interested in. 

If you have 1-2 weeks until the interview, one tip is to reach out to recent hires from your target office and chat with them about how their recruitment journey was, how they prepared and whether they have any recommendations for you. 

Here's how to identify these contacts and prepare for the chat with them:


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replied on Feb 29, 2024
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There's nothing too specific about LEK. You have to be prepared for the case interviews.

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Ian gave the best answer


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