Is salary given as lump sum or what?

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I just got an offer, and the salary is given as a total, which is divided into base salary, housing and transportation. I want to know if the salary is given as a lump sum, as I live with my parents so don't spend on housing. Can I keep that money for other things? How does it work?


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Congratulations and well done!

Now, before you do anything, we really need to get you Person Finance/Wealth Management 101. This reddit page will be great for you:

To answer your question, your annual salalary will be divided by either 12 or 24. You will then be paid monthly or every 2 weeks. You will receive less than your stated salary because of taxes, so please don't be surprised when it is lower.

Good luck and enjoy the newfound riches!

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To clarify such questions - it is better to contact HR. The situation depends on the office and company.

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It depends, some times you can ask for the money of some of those "allocations" without the need to present bills or justifications. In other ocasions that is not the case, for instance, when the company gets it deducted (e.g., stipends during MBA breaks, etc.)

Best is to directly touch base with HR.

Hope it helps!



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