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I have been asked to sanitise data in BCG second round using MS Office. Can anyone help?

BCG second round
New answer on Aug 13, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Aug 08, 2019

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replied on Aug 13, 2019
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When doing the sanitization, you are typically asked to do two main things:

  • Change the numbers by 10-20%, so that it is not too off, and still sounds realistic. While doing this, you need to make sure that numbers speak to each other. For instance, there may be 2 different graphs which use the same data points (say total market size). You need to make sure that you change market size once, and reflect the changes in both graphs
  • Change product/client names. There are three ways to do this, which depend on what your project leader wants:
    • Put X, Y, Z or company 1, company 2, company 3 etc.
    • Include additional names (e.g. if this is a chart about 5 fast-food chains, add a couple more names to the graph)
    • Change names completely (e.g. replace McDonald's with Burger King etc.)

I hope this helps,


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replied on Aug 09, 2019
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If you can't do this task most probably the position is not for you. Your day to day job (I assumed you are applying for one of the data science roles) will require these skills as soon as you start.


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Deniz gave the best answer


Content Creator
5+ Years at BCG & Kearney Dubai & Istanbul | 400+ Trainees | Free 15-min Consultation Call
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