How to establish personal brand within consulting?

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Anonymous A asked on Jun 22, 2021

How to establish personal brand within consulting?

A is good at making slides, B is good at modeling, C is good at client relationship

I find out that I am ok at each element but not good at anything. How can I establish personal brand within the firm. Also, everyone has similar time spent on projects, how can I improve and differentiate myself?

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replied on Jun 22, 2021
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Good question.

Creating & establishing a brand for yourself takes time. So remove the pressure of making this happen overnight. There are three key areas to consider and work on:

  1. Quality of work- this includes everything you do for clients and internally in the firm. Even the most trivial email! Give your best in everything you do, make sure the quality of work is high and people recognise this. Make sure you get work done on time
  2. Credibility- you know your subject/skill/functional area/industrie(s). People recognise you for your experience & knowledge and you have a clear value to add! There is no confusion about what you are good at 
  3. People Skills- how you build relationships with clients & colleagues. How well you communicate and story tell! How well you lead/manage teams

All areas are important & will take time to build.

  • Understand what your bosses expect of you. Very important and many people miss this. Invest your time & effort wisely and ensure its in line with bosses expectations. You can have a bigger say in the process the more senior you become
  • Check your progress for the above areas every 3, 6, and 12 months with your manager and mentors in the company. Ask their feedback and work on areas that require improvement
  • Using networking wisely & available support in the firm to land on projects which truly interest you- this will allow you to give your best and enjoy the process
  • Be patient and dont worry about the outcome all the time. Give yourself time. This is a marathon not sprint
  • In addition to on the job learning, Invest time in training & certifications 
  • Its okay to not have mastery in an area/areas initially, so your focus should be on becoming a safe pair of hands & a likeable consultant- swiss knife! With time you will gain the experience & skills to play the "trusted advisor" role. 
  • Stay clear of peer pressure and focus on what you are good at and demonstrate that goodness. Don't copy others & be yourself while "playing the game"

All the best!

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replied on Jun 22, 2021
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Hi there,

I have two main tips:

  1. Work smart
  2. Be visible

Build a reputation for getting your work done and meeting deadlines. You don't have to be a whiz/guru as long as you are stolid and dependable, and visibly so.

Please don't underestimate the "visibility" part. When there are opportunities to showcase your work, or work in a visible location as opposed to a closed off office room, etc. take them!

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replied on Jun 22, 2021
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It's improtant to note that consulting is a team sport. As a result, the more important thing is establishing yourself with a group of (more senior) people who are your sponsors and mentors. That is how other partners and senior partners will assess and perceive you too. For example, "Kate says that Annonymous A is a superstar and that she would staff him on any project" or "Annonymous A is John's go-to consultant and so she must be stellar", etc.

I appreciate it could come across as a bit of chicken-and-egg problem but you do not build sponsorship and mentorship by being good a one tangible consulting skill. It's much more about how you integrate and value withing the team.

Good luck!

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replied on Jun 24, 2021
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A other coaches are commenting, there are more ways to shine and have a personal brand than the ones you mentioned. 

At the beggining none shines, and you are juts ok as you describe, but you will naturally develop strenghs in some direction. Follow your passion, since it´s easier to shine in something that you love doing

Hope it helps!



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