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From Accenture to MBB?

Someone asked on Mar 24, 2017 - 2 answers

How difficult is it to switch from consulting firms like Accenture or Strategy& to MBB?

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Francesco replied on Mar 25, 2017
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Hi Anonymous,

In general, it is possible to move from Accenture Strategy or Strategy& to MBB. The degree of difficulty is not universal, as it depends on several factors; you can find a list of the main ones below:

  1. Years of experience: the earlier you look to switch, the easier it will be to do so, as there will be more positions opened. The only exception is if you have strong specialization desired by MBB, as for point 2.
  2. Specialization: the more you are specialized on something interesting for MBB in a particular field, the easier it will be that they call you; however, you cannot easily plan for that.
  3. MBA: if you can go though an MBA program before applying, that will make easier to switch.
  4. Network: the more insiders you know that could offer a referral, the easier it will be to get an interview and therefore switch.
  5. Previous performance: the higher the performance you can show on your resume, the easier it will be to be selected for an interview, and therefore switch.

Hope this helps,


Vlad replied on Mar 31, 2017
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I personally made that switch and I know many examples of the people who also did that. The process is the same as with any other background.

I should also tell you that McKinsey is much more demanding in terms of project deliverables quality. It may have 2 implications for your recruiting:

  1. Make sure that in your fit interview stories you provide relevant consulting experience, i.e. it is in line with hos McKinsey approaches similar projects and Mck quality. (e.g. don't tell them how you've made a market research or some qualitative assessment . Impress with complex problem solving and implementation). Test your stories with the people who work at McKinsey before the interview
  2. Don't worry to much about the downgrade in position. Think of it that way: the lower position you get - the more opportunities to learn and the less chances to make serious mistakes.

Good luck!