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BCG | Project Leader and Experienced Interviewer | MBA at London Business School
Case interview training
Growth mindset approach
Actionable feedback
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BCG | Project Leader and Experienced Interviewer | MBA at London Business School
Case interview training
Growth mindset approach
Actionable feedback
USD 149 / h
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About Ariadna
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Hi 👋🏼

I am Ariadna, an experienced consultant and interviewer

I have recently left BCG after 4.5 years and two promotions. During my time at BCG I interviewed and coached hundreds of candidates, from new joiners to experienced hires. 

When I applied for consulting, I found it challenging. There was so much information out there, but very little was designed to actually help you think like a consultant. In a crunch for time, I had to be very pragmatic with what truly works in the consulting prep - so I developed my own method. 

It worked for me (I got offers from both McKinsey and BCG!) and for many others I coached while at BCG and at London Business School. I think it will work for you too. 

Guiding principles 

Laser focused development approach based to your starting points, needs and objective. I will not waste your time with generic advice or tons of materials you will not have time to review. 

I will teach you to think as a consultant. The interview is just the first step of the journey, and the lessons you will learn doing interview prep will serve go a long way in your consulting job. 

Growth mindset - I believe wherever you come from, there is always a path to get where you want. I will guide you with the exact steps along the way: with direct and honest feedback, encouragement and clear action items. 

Feedback you can truly act on RIGHT AWAY

When I prepared for consulting interviews I was already working a full-time, stressful job in finance. I had no time to boil the ocean and listen to endless advice on how to do prepare for interviews. I needed to know exactly what I needed to improve and how

That's why it's number one priority for me that at the end of each case prep, you will have zero doubts on what to start working on right away and how to go about it. 

Meeting YOU at your current level of experience

Consultancies often brag that everyone, regardless of background, is invited to apply. But applicants (myself included back in the day) often feel that they are not best positioned to actually get the job because they maybe lack know-how in one or another area - maybe the did not study business, they don't do mental math in their day to day life or they just don't have the necessary work experience. 

That's why it is important to understand where you are coming from, in order to build on your strength and take the shortest path to progress on your areas of development. 

Understanding the WHY behind case interviewing

As you already know, you cannot get into consulting by memorizing frameworks and case studies. So often coaches will give you a handful of tips and tricks to “nail any case”. While these can be helpful, I think they don't make a difference unless you truly understand what is actually tested in the case interview and more importantly why. 

I will make sure you get the why behind each step and of the process, linked to actual work examples (because the consulting interview process is just the first step in being successful in consulting!). Once you understand the why, you will be best positioned for a consulting interview and ultimately job. 

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May 22, 2024
by Asha
Interview Coaching
Ariadna's coaching was super helpful! Ari only recently left BCG and has coached hundreds of candidates in her time there. I'd highly recommend her, as her feedback is detailed and helps you think...
May 12, 2024
by Anthony
Interview Coaching
Ariadna's coaching is quite helpful, and case she gave is pretty similar to what you can expect for actual interviews!
Work Experience
Project Leader
2017 - 2024
MBA student
London Business School
2019 - 2021
Change Management,MBA,Retail and Luxury
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