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Consulting Q&A Guidelines - Please read!

FAQ Guidelines
Recent activity on Jun 10, 2016
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asked on Jun 10, 2016

Hi there,

thank you for using our Consulting Q&A!

Here, you can ask any of your questions related to your career in business consulting, engage in discussions, benefit from the experience of other users and our PrepLounge experts, and create a community with likeminded people.

To give you the quickest access to our most valuable content, we ask you to please read the following guidelines before asking or answering questions in the Consulting Q&A section:

1. What kind of questions can I ask?

We encourage you to ask and share with the community anything related to business consulting while following the guidelines - whether you have prep related questions, want to know about the interview process at a specific firm, share a story of your last interview, or are overwhelmed with the preparation and want some guidance. There are no limits and the community and our experts are here to help you.

2. What should I NOT post on Consulting Q&A?

  • Refrain from personal attacks and abusive posts! It should go without saying that you are respectful of others in the community.

  • Please search the Q&As and check if your question has been asked before. If the answers given don’t satisfy your needs, feel free to submit a follow up question, or open up a new thread.

  • Please do not write posts seeking case partners. Instead, go to the section “Case Partners”, use the features “Requests”, “Candidate Listing”, and “Map” to find a suitable user to practice with.

  • Please do not spam our Q&As with advertising or non-consulting related content.

Content that violates our guidelines will be deleted immediately.

Hoping for your understanding, we welcome you to contribute to our Consulting Q&As, and become part in building up a great consulting network!

If you face any issues on our forum or have further question, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Your PrepLounge Team


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