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Anonymous A asked on Nov 25, 2021



I have an interview coming up with a global boutique for an entry-level position in London.

I don't know how much to ask for a salary: I couldn't find information on that online, and I am not from London.


What is the average range of entry-level positions salary in strategy consulting in London?




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replied on Nov 25, 2021
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Hi there,

The range I've seen is generally in the 40-50k quid range. Hard to say without knowing the exact company, but I do highly recommend you 1) Network a bit and 2) Ask crowdsourcing forums like Reddit+fishbowl+Blind to ask about your boutique specifically.

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replied on Nov 26, 2021
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In London, entry level salaries will range from £30-£45k basic excluding annual bonus. Very few firms give a sign-on bonus for entry positions.

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replied 3 hours ago
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The numbers provided by Adi and Ian are in-line with my knowledge of the market (~40-50k). 

I would add that most likely the salary is fixed, i.e., is not subject to negotiation, and it is not clear to me that they will ask you this question (or that they seriously expect you to provide them with an answer). 

Since this is an entry-level role, what you have to say is that money is not the #1 criteria, but you are recruiting to other firms, and expect the compensation to be aligned with the market (which you will only know once you get the offers).

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replied on Nov 28, 2021
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I would say 40-45 k pounds as an approx. 

Hope it helps!



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