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Could you get a different offer than what you applied for if the company deems they would like to employ you for a different level?

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Recent activity on Aug 29, 2018
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Anonymous asked on Aug 28, 2018

I was planning to apply for Graduate Programmes this coming fall, even though I will be applying with three years' experience in retail (management and merchandising) and a Master's. I thought starting from a lower level would allow me to learn all the foundations, and I am not confident I could deliver a more senior role straight away, having never working in consulting nor studied business.

However, is it possible that a company could offer me a higher position if they feel I am qualified and able? Basically, I would prefer the company to make that call than apply for a senior role and get rejected due to inexperience.

General advice welcome! I will be applying to the London office.

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Anonymous replied on Aug 29, 2018

Hi Kay,

I think it would be extremely unlikely for this to happen. However, what could definitely happen, depending on the firm/office, is that you enter at a graduate level but get a fast-track promotion. I know some experienced-hires at Bain that were hired as Associate Consultants and were promoted twice in the space of 1.5 years.

I would generally agree that some time to learn the foundations would be very useful, even if you have lots of previous experience. Once this is nailed, your previous experience will help you excel among your peers.

Hope that helps!


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