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Case partner for MBB over next 2 weeks


Looking for Case interview partner for MBB over next 3 weeks. Skype would be great but in person sessions in dubai will be even better.

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Anonymous A replied on 04/29/2016

Hey Summer,

Unfortunelty i wont be in Dubai over the next two weeks, but i find skype to be quite handy.

In case you are still looking for partners, I am more than happy to support for the next 10 - 14 days.

Let me know if you are interested ( Skype ID : Afifgh1)

P.S : I am currently an OW consultant and an ex- Deliotte consultant.



Marcelo replied on 04/24/2016
Fomer McKinsey Consultant, current HBS MBA Candidate

If you are interested, I am available for practice. Considering I recently joined and still have no meetings, it would be free of charge.

Meetings over skype in English.

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