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Michele asked on Nov 26, 2018


I have worked in the Financial Services Advisory practice of a Big 4 and then moved to a second tier strategy consulting firm where I'm continuing to gain experience in the FS sector.

I have recently been contacted by BCG for an opportunity within their Financial Institutions Practice Area and I was wondering whether during the interview rounds I will be presented with cases related to the FS industry and, if so, where can I find cases focusing on this sector.

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Hi Michele,

you will likely find both FS and non-FS cases during the interview. In terms of the financial services industry cases, an easy way to find them is to download good MBA case handbooks (eg Insead) and filter them by the topic in the prompt. I would recommend though not to focus on the structure, which is usually not particularly good in MBA case handbooks, but rather on the creativity/business acumen and potentially math part of the cases.

Hope this helps,



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Anonymous replied on Nov 26, 2018

Hi Michelle,

Consistent with the other comments, you should expect to receive both FS cases and other cases. Later round interviews may be more likely to be focused toward your specific sector however this will vary between interviewers

You will find FS cases in all the major case books, however, the case skills that you will develop in practicing a wide range of case types are perhaps even more important for making an impact in your interview.

So while it would certainly be worthwhile practising FS cases, I would suggest ensuring a diverse range of cases should be your primary focus.

All the best,


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replied on Nov 26, 2018
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At BCG, you traditionally join as a generalist and stay there until you get promoted to Project Leader (aka, 'manager' in most other companies). Unless you have significant expertise alrdeay, you would likely join as a consultant and be staffed on various types of projects in various industries the first couple of years.

If so, the types of cases you will get are likely to be varied and not limited to just FS as Francesco mentioned.

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