Advice for new joiners?

New answer on Mar 23, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Mar 23, 2021

Hi there!

What advice would you give to someone who is about to start as a consultant at your particular company? 

Thank you! 



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Miriam replied on Mar 23, 2021
Junior Consultant

Hey Liane, thank you for your question!

First, I would like to recommend to get to know as many new colleagues as possible. Sometimes networking sounds like a lot of effort but as I joined Roland Berger it was not hard at all - so many colleagues texted and called me to welcome me on board. Knowing some people from the very beginning is very helpful as you can always come back to them to ask for support or information on a specific topic. Second, I can give you the advice to be brave. New joiners sometimes tend to not speak up when in discussion with a more senior colleague - which is not necessary at all! At Roland Berger a good argument is always more important than hierarchies. So, be brave and curious :-)

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Lena on Mar 23, 2021

Hi Liane, I totally agree with Miriam. The network may help you in many cases - sometimes you are able to get to know a cool project through the "word of mouth" or a fun event organized by your colleagues. I would also recommend to be yourself - you will spend a lot of time with your colleagues and its the most fun, if everyone is authentic.


Carolin replied on Mar 23, 2021
Senior Consultant, IT Strategie & Cloud-Computing

Hi Liane,
thank you for your question. My advice for starting at zeb is to bring a lot of curiosity and courage. In my opinion, these two qualities are essential for fast and easy learning. At zeb you'll be supported by great colleagues and you'll quickly get the opportunity to create solutions on your own. I hope I was able to answer your question?

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Helen replied on Mar 23, 2021
Project Manager

Hi Liane,

thank you for your question. If you were about to start at tkMC, then first of all I would say, celebrate and be enthusiastic about this chance.

Secondly my recommendation for the first days and weeks would be to stay curious - be eager to learn, ask your team members everything you don't understand, enjoy your onboarding training week and get to know other colleagues also outside of your first project team.

Best regards, Helen

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Denisa replied on Mar 23, 2021
Senior Consultant

Hi Liane,

Thank you for your question! I can definitely support what Miriam has mentioned about getting to know your colleagues - it's a great way to get more comfortable in the new environement and also get some first tips and tricks for your peers. At ECON, we like to have coffee chats with our colleagues (these days having them virtually) to informally catch up and as a new joiner you can expect many invites from other colleagues who will be eager to get to know you and help you get a good start.

Once you know what your first project will be, I can also recommend doing a bit of background reading on the topic if you are not familiar with it. I actually like to do it for every new project I join - your team always makes sure to give you a thorough onboarding, but I still like to get a broader understanding of the topic to be able to get into all the client issues quicker. Watching youtube videos while I cook or clean is my favorite way. :)

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