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Advanced Case Partner

Recent activity on May 07, 2016
3 Answers
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Raphaël asked on May 03, 2016

Dear all, I am looking for an advanced case partner to practice over the next 2 weeks in English. I'll have my 2nd round interviews at BCG at the end of the month and I have probably done around 60-70 cases. I am looking for BCG style cases if possible, and I'd be happy to share the case material I've gathered so far.



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Raphaël replied on May 07, 2016

To the Anonymous : Sure, it'd be great, just send me a PM and we'll schedule something

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Anonymous A replied on May 07, 2016

Hello Rapheal,

I have my interviews set for end of month as well, and looking for an advanced partener to help me prepare.

I ve been working as a consultant for the past 2 years at 2 major consulting firms and would maybe provide some real life experience.

Hit me up if you are interested in practicing.


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Luc replied on May 07, 2016
10 years of XP in Management consulting and Industry - Looking for great candidates to join AlixPartners - PM if interested

Hi Raphael,

I am also up for my interviews at BCG India. I have done about 80-90 cases and have also interviewed with Bain.

Let me know if you would be interested in doing some cases.



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