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CoachingPlus 3

3 coachings à 60 minutes with CoachingPlus experts
Plus a Premium Membership (6 months)
Your ideal case interview preparation course
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USD 626 USD 549

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CoachingPlus is the ideal combination of self-study material, interview practice with peers and professional coaching by former consultants! It includes a 6-month Premium membership at PrepLounge and 3 to 10 coaching sessions with our verified and well-selected CoachingPlus coaches. 

Get your practice started with 200 practice cases, 30 video tutorials, 220 case interview exercises (incl. structuring & logical reasoning drills), our Mental Math and Personal Fit Tool

Next up, get from theory to practice and conduct an unlimited amount of mock interviews with peers. At PrepLounge, you will find the biggest case interview community worlwide, so no matter if at 5am or 4pm, you will always find suitable case partners to practice with. 

Last but not least, CoachingPlus offers you the unique opportunity to get valuable feedback on your performance from former consultants. Choose between 3, 5, or 10 coaching sessions with one or several of our trusted CoachingPlus experts. Let them know your individual painpoints, and they will tailor their sessions to your needs. With CoachingPlus, you will maximize your chances of landing a top job at consultancies like McKinsey, BCG, or Bain! 🚀

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CoachingPlus 3
USD 549 USD 626
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With CoachingPlus to Your Offer in Consulting


Get full access to 200 cases, 10+ hours of video content and 220+ case interview exercises


Peer2peer practice and coachings with top consultants will improve your case performance

Land your offer

Impress the interviewer in the real case interview and land your offer at MBB

Start Your Case Prep Journey Now and Get Your Job Offer With the Help of CoachingPlus!

Individual Interview Coachings

Benefit from personalized coachings conducted by former consultants

Select your favorite experts from a list of CoachingPlus coaches who have many years of experience at top consulting firms. They know exactly what interviewers want, can identify your weaknesses, help you overcome them and turn you into the perfect candidate. With their helpful feedback, they will drill you to unfold your full potential.

Peer2Peer Practice

Practice with other peers and share your interview experience

Practicing with peers between your coaching sessions helps you put your expert’s feedback into practice. The only way to improve your way of structure and communication in a case interview is to practice, get feedback, improve and repeat. We recommend you solve about 30 full cases with an experienced case partner besides your coaching sessions.

Full Access to Our Case Library

Solve 200 cases on your own or with a case partner

With CoachingPlus, you get access to the most important PrepLounge resources. Our selection of case studies mirrors the wide variety in real case interviews and include cases from top firms like Bain & Company, Oliver Wyman and Roland Berger. Invite other candidates for a meeting to crack the case interactively or solve it on your own!

Interactive Exercises & Structuring Drills

Test your skills with 220+ online case interview exercises for your case prep (incl. structuring drills)

With our interactive case interview exercises, you can challenge yourself and your knowledge on case cracking concepts, math practice, logical reasoning and graph & chart reading. This helps you evaluate your level and practice further the areas you still have room for improvement.

Video Tutorials

Watch 10+ hours of PrepLounge tutorials on case cracking and frameworks

With CoachingPlus you get access to all video case solutions and PrepLounge tutorials on case cracking, frameworks and Powerpoint. Leveraging this material will allow you to avoid common mistakes and help you during the first steps of your case interview preparation as well as for deepening your case-solving skills.

About PrepLounge

PrepLounge - The biggest career platform for aspiring consultants
We help you land your dream job in consulting!

PrepLounge is a case interview community where candidates with similar career goals get connected, practice cases and sharpen their consulting skills. It is the first of its kind in the world. Our focus is on management consulting, more specifically on the case interview preparation.

Our vision is to provide a service that enables applicants to show their very best during their final case interviews at top management consulting companies like McKinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting Group or Roland Berger. We want to be part of your personal success story!

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May 05, 2020 by Jihane

Being from a non Business background, I was lost when starting my preparation. This package has helped me find structure and a true understanding of what was expected from me as an interviewee. It makes me challenge myself on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to the preplounge CoachingPlus package, I have been able to meet excellent MBB consultants who are passionate about transmitting their knowledge and experience. The coaches I have met are excellent teachers, they give feedbacks that help you progress significantly very quickly. I have received very specific, adapted and detailed guidance. My coaches have made themselves available even beyond our sessions. Also, thanks to the premium registration, I have access to very thorough materials, and to unlimited back-to-back interviews with brilliant candidates from various backgrounds and different countries. After feeling my upcoming MBB interview was a lost cause, thanks to this package, I have regained confidence in less than 2 weeks. I am now ready to tackle my prep process!

25 users found this review helpful.
July 25, 2020 by Anonymous

I cannot speak to all the coaches, but the coach I worked with was disappointing. The session seemed confusing, with last minute re-scheduling followed by conducting a session through her phone rather than an appropriate interview setting. The feedback was also not constructive, with only feedback but no action steps and ways to actually improve. The only reason why I could possibly recommend this package is so that you get a free premium membership.

20 users found this review helpful.
November 13, 2020 by Anonymous

CoachingPlus is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to get an in depth look at the entire consulting interview process as a whole. As someone trying to transition to consulting from industry, knowing the ins and outs of the consulting interview process was not something that I knew well. With guidance from CoachingPlus's countless resources, and help from their long list of expert coaches, I can confidently say I am in a much better position to tackle my interview than before I started CoachingPlus!

14 users found this review helpful.

Any Open Questions Left? Check Out Our FAQ

For how long can I use the premium membership?

CoachingPlus includes a premium membership for 6 months.

This gives you enough time to prepare for your case interview with all premium resources.

How many coaching sessions are included in the package?

We offer you 3 different types of CoachingPlus packages. You can decide between the package with3 sessions, 5 sessions or 10 sessions. This way you can tailor the package to your needs. 

Which coaches can I choose from?

You can currently choose from over 20 coaches who are part of the CoachingPlus package. These coaches have several years of experience in consulting and were selected by us.

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