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My Approach
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My approach

All cases we practice are real cases based on my personnal BCG experience. The session(s) will be tailor-made depending your needs, and where you stand with regards to your preparation.

Focus on the 3 folling aspects:

  • 360° diagnostic: A “preparadness” analysis to verify your objectives, your level of training, your preparation capabilities in order to define or refine the training plan based on your ambition
  • Building-up your case cracking muscles: Case cracking will be at the core of any strategy consulting interviews. Practice makes perfect. 
  • Preparing the fit


Why Me 

  • Passion: I am passionate about teaching, and started to teach more than 10 years ago, first as a mathematical , then as a finance teacher in my business school. I am now pursuing this passion in the consulting world.


  • Track record - On the being interviewed side, I did not recieve a “we regret o inform you” email from any of the 6+ companies I interviewed with. On the interviewing side, I helped to prepare and interviewed more than 50 different candidates with 80+ success rate.


  • Recency: I am actually working at BCG and I am involved on a daily basis in the the interview process.


  • Tailor made coaching: I am a coach who always works to bring the best out of you. I customize my approach to suit the needs of each individual client.



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