BCG | Harvard | Ex LEK | 5+ yrs of professional strategy exp | 300+ candidates interviewed
Boston Consulting Group, L.E.K. Consulting, Lazada Group
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I'm an experienced BCG Consultant & Harvard grad. After 300+ live cases given to diverse candidates and seeing as an insider what MBB interviewers expect, I know every aspect of what it takes to succeed in case interviews. Here's my approach:

1. Focus on specific micro-skills: each case practice will have specific learning goals in terms of specific micro-skills (30+ total) that I will point out to you, e.g., fast estimation of market size, creative idea generation, thinking out loud, approach walkthrough, etc. You will be trained on exactly what you need to improve, instead of wasting time doing multiple cases of the same type. 

2. Develop business acumen to tackle every kind of cases: I have developed an exclusive repository of 50+ premium, customized cases covering a comprehensive range of potential topics (Profitability, Market Entry, M&A, etc.) as well as industries (Airlines, Retail, Manufacturing, etc.), each designed to showcase key business concepts & drivers, allowing you to develop truly tailored frameworks in actual interviews.

3. Build your own “style”: I am especially strong at giving personalized, detailed feedback to help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement. From day 1, I will closely partner with you to help you leverage your own unique “style” to stand out against other candidates.


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