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I'm a former A.T. Kearney consultant with 1-2 years of consulting experience (now investment banker). This fall, I was a core member of A.T. Kearney Norway’s recruitment team, and in this role, I  screened 1 000+ applications and conducted 40+ interviews. In addition, I led A.T. Kearney Norway’s mentorship program, where I helped students landing a great job with an international consultancy


  • Recency: This autumn, I have spent 50% of my time on recruiting. Throughout this process, I have seen what works and what does not
  • Real life cases: We will work solely on cases based on real life projects I have worked on at Kearney
  • Experience from both sides of the fence: I have been deeply involved in both interviewing and being interviewed. This lets me understand both what you want and also have you feel
  • Tailored approach: I would like to guide you on your way of identifying your strong points and how to make them stand, and also how to tackle your weaknesses
  • Passion: I truly want to help candidates and I am strongly committed to their success
  • Value for money: I am aware of budget constraints, therefore I am happy to discuss a solution that works best for you


A standard session will be structured in the following way:

  • Introduction: ~5min – to understand your goals, target firms and level of preparation
  • Case interview: ~40min – interviewee or interviewer led depending on the target firm
  • Feedback: ~15min – detailed feedback based on real A.T. Kearney evaluation forms

In addition, I can provide personal fit questions if needed.

My sessions are not time-constrained by the one-hour standard, but rather last until all your questions have been answered and you have received actionable feedback to work on.


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