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Kearney, Wildlife Conservation Society
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Since I am new to prep lounge, I am offering my first 3 students 1-free one hour session and a 50% discount on the following 2 sessions thereafter. I worked with A.T. Kearney for approximately 1.5 year. I have been in final rounds with all MBB and am extremely familiar with both the process for case and PEI. 

Most importantly, I recently received an offer with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, which is a sustainable development consulting firm started 20 years ago by ex McKinsey consultants and in the US and Europe it is just as competitive to enter as MBB. Their interview process is largely the same, but the content of the case interviews is all related to development, which is very different then traditional business. I have heard many people complain that there just are not resources to prepare for this kind of case online. Other development consultancies such as TechnoServe and DAI are using this kind of approach and this type of consulting is becoming more and more popular with recent grads, since it offers a much more rewarding and interesting career, very good pay for a social impact job, and way fewer hours, is much better lifestyle and work/life balance.

I can case in any of the 4 languages I listed and can also help with business English as I was formerly an English teacher.

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