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My name is Newfel. I am a strategy consultant with Corporate Value Associates (CVA) Dubai office. Before that, I have developed my expertise at PwC's global Growth Markets practice on Strategy& projects. I passed 50+ case interviews and have had successful interview processes with most of the top firms you can think of (McK, Roland Berger, Kearney etc...). 

In this journey and through case coaching at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and ESSEC Business School, I have refined a unique method that helped several people land offers at top firms (BCG, Oliver Wyman, PwC etc...) 

This method is based on first principles case structuring, communication and empathy which will take your case performance to the next level and land the offer of your dreams. 


1. First principles

Solving cases by using custom-made frameworks is one of the biggest challenges candidates face in their preparation for top firms recruitment. 

First principles relate to the fundamental concepts or assumptions on which a theory, system, or method is based. When focusing on case interview, it means developing the ability of breaking down a problem to its most fundamental elements.

With this approach, you will gain independance from pre-made frameworks (e.g Case in Point, Victor Cheng). Further, you will learn to think like a consultant and be successful from the very first days of your time at your new firm. 

Memorizing frameworks and lists of questions may help you get started on your case interviews, but they eventually drive your offers away.

2. Case communication & empathy

Using my method will also increase your confidence dramatically and help you to focus on the communication and empathy with interviewer. From experience I can tell you that is what differentiates good and excellent performances. 

3. Networking & referrals

Becoming excellent a case interviews is great. But first securing interviews at the best firms is necessary to maximize your chances. In this, networking is key and I will help you in your approach to get interviews and build an extensive, quality network as well. Over the years, networking and building relationships with highest level professionals across Singapore, Japan, France, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates has helped me advance.


  1. Diagnotic - I will take time upfront to determine goals, needs, strengths and weaknesses
  2. Personalized training plan -  I will design a personnalized training plan and provide end-to-end recruitment support until the offer
  3. Extended time - I will take the necessary time for most comprehensive feedback and Q&A

With me, you will take your case performance to the next level and land the offers of your dreams! 


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