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I’m an ex-BCG consultant from Germany currently working in venture capital. Over the last 5+ years, I’ve managed to land multiple top consulting offers, successfully navigated the promotion cycle at BCG, contributed to recruiting and made the transition into industry. I’ve worked both in the startup space (my former company raised >100M EUR from top investors) and made the switch to venture capital, working with early stage founders across Europe. 

Hence, I’m in a unique position to not only help you land an offer in consulting, but to also provide you with a perspective on how to manage your consulting career early to maximize your options down the road.


I believe the best consultants establish candid, no bull relationships with their clients and put results and data first. In the same way, I will keep the marketing gospel brief.

  • Results first: 80% (34/42) of my coachees have secured at least one MBB offer. I have successfully placed coachees in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the US. I never punch the clock with my clients - sessions last as long as needed (often going towards 90 min). I’m happy to share my references with you if you’re interested (real video testimonials).
  • Quality over quantity: I will always put your success first. Coaching is NOT a core income for me. I do it purely to help others succeed and give back to the community at an opportunity cost that is reasonable to me. I selectively take a max. of 2-3 clients per month and help them succeed. I select coachees across multiple platforms.
  • Only real cases: We will use real MBB cases (no public casebooks) across the spectrum to round out your skills.
  • An approach tailored to you: There’s no standardized curriculum you’ll get from me. Instead, we will customize our first session to your current prep level and take it from there. 


My coaching style is open, collaborative and candid. I will not shy away from any tough feedback needed to get you to the next level. 

  • Develop a consultant mindset: Learn how consultants think and approach problems. This is way more important than learning frameworks.
  • Master consistency: To be interview ready, you will need to nail 10 out of 10 cases with a method that maximizes consistency.
  • Manage the interview: Learn how to lead the conversation throughout the interview and manage your interviewer - a key skill often neglected by many coachees.


  • Intro with general Q&A and career discussion (as needed)
  • Full case interview
  • Diagnostic feedback round
  • Written summary with next steps
  • Free CV/Cover letter review



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