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Will I have to do Oliver Wyman Online Tests?

numerical reasoning test Oliver Wyman Online Tests verbal reasoning tests
New answer on Nov 20, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on Jun 14, 2018

If I apply to Oliver Wyman, will I have to do the Numerical Reasoning Test? And Verbal Reasoning Test?

Does every candidate have to do them or what does it depend on?

Thanks in advance!

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replied on Jun 14, 2018
Ex-Oliver Wyman with 100% interview success rate - specialized in female career coaching

Not necessarily, depending on which office you apply for.

In selected countries, the Numerical Reasoning Test is no longer required, e.g. if you apply for German offices.

Just be sure to prepare accordingly in case you have to do it - it is quite sophisticated, however, you will find information on questions online.


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Anonymous replied on Jun 14, 2018

Yes, you will. It's only a numerical test and it's made by them (i.e. they don't use external service like SHL).

Yes, they do. You can find some good information here:

The Oliver Wyman test is one of the hardest tests out there for consultancies - most of the questions are similar to GMAT-type question (e.g. ratios, geometry).

One word of warning is don't worry if you don't finish the test - very few people do and the pass % is quite low!



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Content Creator
replied on Nov 20, 2020
#1 MBB Coach(Placed 750+ in MBBs & 1250+ in Tier2)| The Only 360 coach(Ex-McKinsey + Certified Coach + Active recruiter)

Usually everybody should make this test. But it also may depends on the office.

If you get less than 50% of correct answer than you are out. But also, please remember, that you will be penalized for the wrong answers.


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Dorothea gave the best answer


Ex-Oliver Wyman with 100% interview success rate - specialized in female career coaching
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