Prepares you to crack ALL cases | Interviewer with recent cases, 150+ interviews, 6+ years exp (France, MENA)
Kearney, Roland Berger
English, French
United Arab Emirates (UTC +4)
USD 149 / hour
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Interview preparation
Unusual cases
Europe and MENA markets

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My Approach
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My approach

I tailor my approach to each trainee, to offer the best value for money. This relies on three aspect:

  1. Coaching session preparation: I discuss with my trainees prior to the coaching session to understand their needs and expectations. I then share a program for the session to ensure alignment with trainee and preparation.
  2. Structured and flexible session: Depending on the needs, I may breakdown the session into different sections to cover the trainee needs. I reassess the priorities with the trainee during the session, in case he wants to spend more time on a specific aspect
  3. Homework and follow-up: My session always end-up with a improvement plan based on the trainee performance, which may involve sharing relevant material to practice and improve alone.


My offering

I offer:

  • Case preparation with real cases from MBB, Kearney, Roland Berger and Oliver Wyman in both Paris and Dubai offices 
  • PEI preparation
  • Interview planning (when apply to which firm) to improve your chances to get the dream offer

Why me

I will quickly identify your improvement areas and provide solutions: I am a seasoned interviewer with over 150 interviews, including experienced candidates. 

I will adapt my coaching style to you: Coaching many students taught me that 1. they don't have the same need, 2. they respond well to different coaching style  

I will tell you about different firms' expectations: I am a trained interviewer in different consulting firms and offices, and I share experiences and feedback with interviewers from other firms.

Mamoun is a Premium + Coaching Expert

Premium + Coaching
Includes 1 sessions
Premium membership for one year
Plus one coaching session (worth at least 149 USD)
Your ideal start for your case prep


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