What's the difference in roles like Business Analyst, Junior Associate and Associate at Mckinsey

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Anonymous A asked on Oct 09, 2019

Hi! I wanted to know about the difference in roles like Business Analyst, Junior Associate, and Associate at Mckinsey. As in, what are the different skills and qualifications do these roles ask. Can a high GMAT score help in getting an interview call from these places, since I am from a non-target school? I previously worked as a Content Analyst at a Big Tech company?

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  • BA - entry level for undergrads with some experience or post internship
  • Junior Associate - you get this if you have 3-4 years of experience or some mix of experience & masters or PHD. Also if you didn't perform well on the Associate interview they propose that role
  • Associate - you get this role a) post MBA or b) as an experienced hire with 4-6 years of experience

In terms of the difference in work - you are doing pretty much the same things. The difference is that at the Associate level at some point you start managing the project even before being officially promoted to the Engagement Manager. That's a mandatory step.


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