Ex-Bain Manager | Final Round Interviewer & Recommender for Bain | Summer Program Lead
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I have 5 years of experience at Bain & Company, starting as an Associate Consultant Intern before returning full-time and progressing to the Manager level (accelerated promotion). 

During my time at Bain, i was heavily involved in the people initiatives. This included being Final Round Interviewer, conducting 50+ final round interviews & driving final offers in Decision Meetings. I was also involved as a Summer Lead, helping to drive the design, execution & refinement of Bain's summer program and helping to coach our summer hires.

Over the years of being part of MBB-level recruiting progress, I believe in adopting a practical, step-by-step approach to help you familiarize with what the interviewer is looking for (problem solving, professional delivery and team fit). At the same time, i believe case coaching has to be delivered in an empathetic manner to help provide the right environment for you to comfortably ease into the key skillsets you need.  


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