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What is the best way to practice math for McKinsey quant heavy cases? Want to improve on all fronts - speed, accuracy and structuring questions especially when limited info is shared. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

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New answer on Aug 22, 2020
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Jyotishman asked on Jun 30, 2017
Prepping for MBB interviews. Would love to focus more on the interviewer-led case format.

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replied on Jul 05, 2017
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Hi Jyotishman,

as for structuring, the best preparation I found for math-intensive case has been on consulting handbooks of top MBA school. In particular, I would suggest the following:

  1. Download a couple of handbooks for top universities; there are several free available online (INSEAD, LBS, Columbia, etc)
  2. Skim cases trying to identify those with more quant based approach (usually you can identify them visually, as they involve graphs)
  3. Read the questions of the cases; try to answer first with your approach, then read the solution
  4. Write down all the mistakes you do when solving them
  5. Starting at least one week before the interview, review daily all the mistakes redoing the questions you found more challenging

As for math speed and accuracy, you can find several resources online where you can test yourself under pressure. PrepLounge and Victor Cheng websites in particular have an ad-hoc section for that; you can check them at the following links:

Hope this helps,


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Anonymous updated the answer on Jul 04, 2017

Dear Jyotishman,

a good way is to practice with GMAT math exercises. They might of course be a bit different, but they train you at being quick in problemsolving.


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Anonymous replied on Aug 22, 2020

Dear Jyotishman!

My advice to you is to practice fast math: learn the division table up to 1/11, learn how to multiply double-digit numbers, how to work with zeros. You can actually use math tools (Mimir math for iOS), Math tool on Viktor Cheng website to practice.

To practice your quantitative skills I would recommend different math, logic, and verbal tests on and then select "Elements Practice Test".

You don´t need to learn them by heart, rather skipping through to get a first impression and a better understanding.

Hope it helps,



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Francesco gave the best answer


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