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What are The best resources to prepare for Market Sizing questions?

Market sizing MBB
Recent activity on Oct 23, 2022
5 Answers
Anonymous A asked on Oct 15, 2022

Hi, I am studying for my first interview in MBB but I have a lot of doubts about the Market sizing questions.

there Are ways to be prepared on this topic? I read about the Market Sizing Course of Craft my case but I have no info about that and I don’t know if there are ways to solve this type of problems in a more structured way without losing my mind! Thanks a lot! 

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replied on Oct 17, 2022
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Hi there, 

It makes sense to be a bit stressed about market sizing questions. They're quite common and the bread and butter of consultants. I actually received a market sizing questions as my final interview with McKinsey. 

The good news is that once you get the hang of how they are solved, they become very very easy. I'm happy to share a few example case books that you could use. Feel free to drop me a message. 



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replied on Oct 16, 2022
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replied on Oct 23, 2022
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Hi there, 

Market sizing is one of my areas of expertise. If you reach out to me I can send you some useful materials to get you started in the right way. 

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replied on Oct 18, 2022
BCG Project Leader | Former Bain, AlixPartner, and PE | INSEAD MBA | GMAT 780

There is no way to address every sizing question.
In every situation, you have to figure out SPECIFIC drivers that can allow you to come up with a concrete way to estimate your solution. 

Just do as many questions as you can and try to tackle each of them from many angles. For instance, try to solve this: how many traffic lights are there in Milan (or Munich or Paris, etc)?

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replied on Oct 15, 2022
Ex-BCG | MBB interview Coach | 50+ real MBB cases | Resume & Fit interview preparation


Sizing problems are actually the one where you can have a pretty structured approach.

I would say key elements of getting prepared is:
1. Make sure you know how to get extra information (clarification questions, detailed questions, rephrasing)
2. Know basic numbers (e.g. USA population, population of country of the Office you are applying etc.)
3. Think about market - what is part of what you are sizing and what is not (e.g. case you are sizing tyres market - is it only car tyres or truck also?)
4. Segment your market (regions / age / gender etc.)
5. Do the math
6. Confront the outcome with your business judgments skills (is it

Each of these elements can be trained, so you are already on your way! Let me know in case you want to engage over case-prep coaching so I can send you some discount coupon

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Cristian gave the best answer


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