Should I tailor my answers to PEI questions to my relevant work experience?

Anonymous A asked on Aug 09, 2017 - 1 answer


I have 1 year relevant work experience in consulting. I'm applaying for McKinsey office in Moscow. I m preparing the answers on leadership questions.

The question is: it is better if I use examples from my work experince (~1 year at consulting) or from my undegrad studies? In particular, I think the impact I have done at undegrad study is much bigger than at the work (for example, leading the largest case community in Moscow has an impact on more than 700 members). I am afraid of the question that they could ask me to provide leadership example from my work experience. They could potentiall stop me asnwering on the case community and could ask me on work experience.

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Anonymous B replied on Aug 11, 2017

Hi Mikhail,

Great question, there is no definite answer here. I'd say generally go with professional experience as it is more relavant, however if your undergrad or other experieces are really unique and impressive, feel free to use them.

All the best!

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